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Dexshell Thermlite and Ultra-Thin waterproof socks review

What do we think of the Ultra Thin and Thermo socks from Dexshell after a year of bog-trotting?

Dexshell socks
(Image: © Guy Kesteven)

Our Verdict

Properly waterproof without compromised fit or comfort. Between the Ultra Thins and the Thermlites, your feet could be protected all year, whatever the weather


  • Excellent protection
  • Uncompromised fit
  • Day-long comfort
  • Minimal bulk
  • Conventional looks
  • Lots of options


  • They will whiff eventually
  • Limited colors

We’ve been riding Dexshell socks most of the year and they’ve frankly been marvelous. Not just in terms of comfort and weather protection, but also how they fit and how they cope with washing and wearing.

Dexshell socks

(Image credit: Guy Kesteven)

Dexshell Ultra Thin Sock 

A real standout in terms of weight and feel, the Ultra Thins really are ultra-thin. They still manage to slip a bamboo liner inside the Porelle waterproof membrane for a comfortable, natural feel, and they're fast-wicking when temperatures are warm. The material is stretchy enough to fit like a normal sock, don’t cramp shoe fit and they don’t look weird either. 

You can still pedal through puddles all day without getting wet, so they’re perfect for all those shoes which would be great most of the year if they hadn’t put all those holes and mesh in them. It’s a sign of just how unobtrusively effective they are that the biggest problem we had was forgetting we were wearing them after rides and leaving them on all day.  

Even so, there are no obvious signs of wear inside or out yet. Performance hasn’t suffered from washing (low heat, drip dry) and the price is awesome considering how much you’re likely to wear them. 

Dexshell socks

(Image credit: Guy Kesteven)

Dexshell Thermlite Sock

Dexshell’s lightly insulated Thermlite socks definitely have more competition, but their performance is still outstanding. They look a bit more stiff and synthetic than the Ultra Thins, but they still pull on and form around your foot really well. 

They’re slim enough that they’ll slip into most shoes without cramping circulation and the mid-length gives extra splash and wading protection. The merino wool liner isn’t the fastest wicking so they do tend to stay slightly damp a little longer than some waterproof socks. 

It loses very little insulation value when damp, however, so your feet feel cozy rather than clammy. Wool is naturally anti-bacterial too, so they smell okay most of the time and never get too violent even if you’re on a multi-day tour. 

Again, they’ve been washed and worn without any obvious issues all year and pricing is competitive. 

  • Price: Thermlite $33.99/£30.00, Ultra Light $29.99/£22.00
  • Colors: Thermlite Black/Green and Black/Orange, Ultra Light Black/Blue 
  • Sizes: S-XL 
Guy Kesteven
Guy has been riding mountain bikes since before they were mountain bikes and is right handy on an offroad tandem (of course he is).