DMR Vault Mag SL pedals review – the lightest, fanciest, and spendiest version of a classic pedal

The DMR Vault Mag SL combines titanium axles with a magnesium body for serious weight saving over any other version

DMR Vault Mag SL
(Image: © Steve Williams)

Bike Perfect Verdict

Expensive, but if you want the great Vault performance with a serious weight saving, these deliver


  • +

    Light and very easy to spin up

  • +

    Very grippy and secure

  • +

    Subtle good looks


  • -


  • -

    85kg rider weight limit

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The DMR Vault Mag SL sits at the top of a four-model lineup and, at first glance, looks much like the others. It has the same great square platform (105mm x 105mm), comfortable concavity, and slim (17mm) body as the others, and the same set of 11 replaceable steel pins per side too. Those pins are also reversible for a small length adjustment.

What the Mag SLs don't have is the same price tag as the others, they're £95 more than the other Vaults which places them as DMR's best MTB flat pedals.

DMR says the Mag SLs were 'born from our quest for production methods that are more environmentally friendly and less wasteful,' which is a surprise – I assumed they were born from cyclists' love of shiny things. This is a seriously beautiful, bling version of a really great pedal.

DMR Vault Mag SL

(Image credit: Steven Williams)

Design and specifications

The cost to the planet is lower as DMR says most of the magnesium is extracted from seawater, and that along with casting the body – instead of processing bauxite for aluminum and CNC machining it – uses less energy. Though of course they still do that too.

I say these pedals are lovely shiny things, but actually, the magnesium body is not shiny and is only available in matt black paint. The standard alloy Vault is still the option for actual shininess if showing off to others, rather than yourself, is the goal. They're bling on the inside though, and we all know that's what counts.

The lovely titanium axle in the SL, which contributes greatly to the very low weight, is shinier but of course hidden away. It's titanium and coated with titanium nitride, which gives a very hard surface to protect the threads and bearing/bush faces from wear. Oh, and it's gold and looks fancy.

DMR Vault Mag SL

(Image credit: Steven Williams)


Hidden or not, you know it's in there. These spin up easily and are as quickly as anything thanks to their low overall mass. Our samples measured 318g on our scales, which is actually lower than the 332g claimed.

It's worth pointing out that the non-superlight Vault Mag (a claimed 404g), which uses a cromoly axle instead of titanium, is actually the same price as the 'normal' aluminum-bodied Vault (a claimed 430g). So the premium for the Mag SL is really all in the axles, and so is most of the significant weight saving.

The titanium does mean this version comes with a rider weight limit of 85kg, though. They're probably not the best option for seriously hardcore trail use or downhill, but they are ideal for more normal trail use, XC, or even a gravel build. Not everyone wants to ride clipped in on a gravel bike, and these proved light, secure, and comfortable enough during testing to do even a lightweight build justice.

These perform just like the 'regular' Vaults, which is to say, really well. The platform is extremely secure and comfortable, while ground clearance is excellent and the slanted forward faces generally tend to ping off, rather than dig into, rocks. 

DMR Vault Mag SL

(Image credit: Steven Williams)


If you have the budget and are looking for fan-favorite flat pedal performance at the lowest possible weight, or just want to show off with the gold axles, then the DMR Vault Mag SL pedals are a great option. Though if you fancy some Vaults that aren't quite as light, but look almost as fancy, then you may be interested in our DMR Vault SE review.

I've personally been running several sets of alloy Vaults since they were first introduced around 10 years ago, with little more than the odd strip, clean, and regrease. I've had zero issues beyond the inevitable wear to bearings and bushings. There's no reason to think this version – provided you stick to the rider weight limit – will be any less reliable either.

Tech Specs: DMR Vault Mag SL pedals

  • Price: $280.00 / £215.00
  • Weight: 318g
  • Rider weight limit: 85kg
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