Eclipse Off-Road Inner Tube review – featherweight and tiny, is this the ultimate inner tube?

The Eclipse is claimed to be the lightest inner tube in the world – does it survive when I put it through its paces?

Bike inner tube folded up on wood surface
(Image: © James Blackwell)

BikePerfect Verdict

Super light and compact, easy to carry and store, and tough as a regular tube, but the cost may put some off.


  • +

    Super light

  • +


  • +

    Easy to carry

  • +

    Holds pressure well

  • +

    Reduces rolling weight


  • -

    Much more expensive than a regular tub

  • -

    Needs a special repair kit

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After getting a meaty snake-bite puncture on the notorious Rim Dinger trail at Bike Park Wales, my riding buddies watched in puzzlement as I pulled the Eclipse inner tube from my hip pack. I was assailed with questions and remarks of indignation and interest in equal measures – "What on earth is that?”, "Well that’s not going to survive the day!”.

So just what are these translucent little tubes? They’re claimed to be the world’s lightest inner tubes, and I’m not going to argue there, as my 29 x 2.0-2.6 version weighed in at a scant 72g! Made from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), compared to the traditional heavy black butyl rubber, they’re all about weight saving. But are they tough and reliable? 

A large black and small white bike inner tube folded side by side on a piece of wood

The Eclipse is dwarfed by a regular inner tube (Image credit: James Blackwell)

Design and specifications

The Eclipse tubes are available in a number of sizes covering 700C for road and gravel and 27.5 and 29 for MTB. I tested the 29 x 2.0-2.6. As mentioned, they’re constructed from TPU, the polymers blending strength and flexibility with an eye-catching translucent finish and weighing in at only 72g. The alloy Presta valve measures approximately 50mm with a small rubber gasket to cushion the connection between the rim and valve once fitted and has a removable valve core.

Eclipse inner tube with Presta valve on wood surface

The stainless steel Presta valve measures 50mm which should cover most rims (Image credit: James Blackwell)


The main reason you’d invest in the Eclipse inner tube is the massive saving on weight and size. As they’re so small and light you can fit them in your pocket, and they’ll take up hardly any room in a hip pack too if used as a spare. There’s also a massive drop in rotational and overall bike weight when installed instead of traditional tubes.

Folded bike inner tube in palm of hand

Fits in the palm of my hand, and easily in a pocket too (Image credit: James Blackwell)

As a comparison, one of my traditional butyl rubber tubes of a near equivalent size weighed in at 316g. Some quick maths works that out as a 244g saving in weight (per tube) which is pretty astonishing.

I spent the latter part of the day smashing laps of Bike Park Wales – tentatively at first, thinking that these gossamer-thin tubes would never survive. Tough as the trails were, they held up and performed brilliantly but I couldn’t say I noticed any difference to ride-feel.

Unravelled bike inner tube on piece of wood

Unraveling the tube you can see how thin it is (Image credit: James Blackwell)


After many miles, I can happily say it’s still all smiles. Yes, they’re expensive but as back-up tubes the weight-saving and tiny size mean that storing them on or off bike is the number one win. For those who prefer tubes over tubeless setups, weight watchers and racers, these tubes could make all the difference, if your budget allows.

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The lowdown: Eclipse Off-Road 29 x 2.0-2.6 Inner Tube
WeightAs low as it goes★★★★★
StorageSo tiny they’ll fit in your pocket★★★★★
PerformanceCan take on the toughest trail★★★★★
Value for moneyHigh cost is worth it for performance★★★★

Tech specs: Eclipse Off-Road 29 x 2.0-2.6 Inner Tube

  • Price: $36 / £29 / €34
  • Materials: TPU – thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Sizes: 29 x 2.0-2.6, 27.5 x 2.0-2.6, 700c 20-25, 700c 30-45
  • Weight: 72g (29 x 2.0-2.6 tested)
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