Endura Singletrack One Piece review

Endura’s Singletrack One Piece is a great way to stay clean wherever you ride but will it keep you dry too?

Endura Singletrack One Piece review
(Image: © Guy Kesteven)

Bike Perfect Verdict

Endura’s Singletrack One Piece doesn’t guarantee dryness but it will keep you totally clean inside without getting in the way of your riding and it’s a ton cheaper than the MT500 version


  • +

    Guaranteed clean inside smugness

  • +

    Excellent split fit design

  • +

    Breathes OK

  • +

    Wind and showerproof


  • -

    DWR doesn’t last long

  • -

    Soon starts to let water in

  • -

    Limited venting

  • -

    No zip off legs

  • -

    No small sizes

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Endura’s original, cleverly designed MT500 one-piece was a big hit with bike addicts who ride day after day whatever the weather but the $549.99 / £419.99 price was too much to justify for others. The Singletrack One Piece uses a simplified version of the cunning cut and cheaper materials to deliver a very similar ‘stay clean and comfy however filthy you get’ result for less than half the price. It’s not as dry inside as you might hope though, so how does it compare to the best MTB jackets and best waterproof MTB trouser combos?

Endura Singletrack One Piece review

Semi separated top and bottom makes it easier to get in and out as well as giving the onesie a more conventional look from the front (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)

Design and aesthetic

Compared to the $549.99 / £419.99 MT500 One Piece II the Singletrack version downgrades to ExoShell20 fabric (MT500 uses ExoShell40DR) although both use a more eco-friendly zero-carbon DWR coating. There are no zipped chest pockets/vents either and the pit zip vents are shorter, but you do get a zipped chest pocket with a ‘cats arse’ rubber grommet on the inside for a headphone cable. There aren’t any vent zips or zip-off lower sections on the legs like the MT500 version but you do get waterproof zips and tabs to snug the ankles over your boots and zipped hand pockets. Crucially the Singletrack uses almost the same (it doesn’t get belt loops) one piece at the back, separate jacket and trousers at the front design as its double priced sibling. You get velcro tabbed and cowled sleeve cuffs and a cord locked, stow strap equipped, helmet eating hood as well. Unlike the black only MT500 II you get the option of the lime and dark green colorway we tested which is great for visibility if you’re commuting or ‘forestry worker’ fancy dress is your vibe. 

Endura Singletrack One Piece review

One-piece rear section stops any up the back splashes (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)

Fit and performance

While it’s got fewer features the twisted sleeve, multi panel cut of the One Piece is excellent with plenty of arm length and easy mobility on the bike. The shoulder cut does get in the way of ‘arms up’ movement though, which is worth bearing in mind in what otherwise could be an excellent trail-building suit. 

The separate trouser and jacket design not only helps avoid the ‘MTB Teletubby’ onesie look it also gives a much better fit while still stopping that dreaded moment when puddle water goes up the back of your coat and then straight down your crack. There’s plenty of room in sleeves and pads for armor if you tend to slip up when it’s slippery and the broad Velcro ankle and sleeve cuff straps seal the suit nicely from seeping wet and filth. 

The lower-spec fabric definitely affects performance though and with the Eco DWR washing off quickly it won’t be long before wet starts soaking through the 10k rated fabric in persistent rain, especially if you’re brushing through the undergrowth. The plasticky inner feels clammy and cold over a thin base layer/jersey too and you’ll soon be opening the short pit zip vents to try and let off steam if you’re working hard. The breathability isn’t bad though so if you’re okay settling into an ambient dampness that ebbs and flows depending on effort levels and underlayer choice then inside the Singletrack One Piece is generally a comfortable place to be whatever the weather is doing outside. The lack of gaps and draughts is a definite comfort bonus when things get really bad or you’re moving around a lot too. 

Even if you’re damp at the end of a ride being able to peel the suit off and be totally clean underneath never fails to be a marvelous moment of smugness, whether that’s just for a fast, warm change after a filthy bike park session or going straight from outside to office life easier. Considering the Singletrack jacket alone is $299.99 / £199.99 it’s not a bad price either.

Endura Singletrack One Piece review

Zipped leg openings help remove the suit over shoes (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)


It won’t guarantee you stay dry from rain if it’s really hammering down or your own steam if you’re really hammering up. Presuming you dress right underneath it’ll generally keep you comfortable whatever the weather is doing and being able to peel off after a ride and be totally clean underneath near gets old. There are no small sizes though and if you can afford the MT500 II One Piece that is a significantly better performer.

Tech Specs: Endura Singletrack One Piece

  • Price: $299.99 / £199.99
  • Sizes: M, L, XL and XXL
  • Colors: Black or Lime Green (tested)
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