Endura Women's Hummvee shorts review – classic baggies still going strong

These great-value shorts with an old-school design include a quality liner and will last a lifetime

Endura Women's Hummvee shorts
(Image: © Jon Slade)

Bike Perfect Verdict

Traditional-looking baggies that hark back to the days when mountain biking mostly meant cross-country. Extremely well made and brilliant value if you get on with the style.


  • +

    Excellent value

  • +

    Include a comfortable liner

  • +

    Tough nylon fabric with DWR

  • +

    Super-strong construction

  • +

    Pockets galore


  • -

    Short inseam means not compatible with many knee pads

  • -

    High waist won't suit everyone

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The Hummvee is one of Endura’s most enduring, and popular, items of clothing – the original shorts were developed over 20 years ago for cycle couriers, but were soon adopted by mountain bikers as a favourite ‘bombproof baggy’. I bought my first Hummvee 3/4-length shorts back in 2007 and they have proved as indestructible as Endura claims. Of course, the Hummvees have been updated over the years and this most recent iteration is still available in the below-knee 3/4 length, as well as in a lighter weight version called Hummvee Lite. The current men’s Hummvee shorts have longer legs than the women’s, and are also available in a lot more color options.

riding view of Endura Women's Hummvee shorts

The short inseam means the legs ride up when pedalling to reveal the hem of the liner (Image credit: Jon Slade)

Design and specifications

These women’s Hummvees stand out from most modern MTB shorts thanks to their traditional appearance, with a high, elasticated waist and short 10in inseam – in fact, they could easily pass for (and function equally well as) hiking shorts, with no fewer than six pockets. They have plenty of bike-specific features too, the most obvious being the included ClickFast detachable liner with 200 series pad, and its accompanying press-studs inside the outer shorts’ waistband. Then there are the zipped, mesh-lined vents on each thigh to dump heat, a seam-free one-piece gusset made from a thicker-weave material, plus a super-stretchy rear panel below the waist that prevents the waist pulling down when you’re in the riding position.

The Endura Women's Hummvee liner short

The Hummvees include Endura's Clickfast detachable liner (Image credit: Shim Slade)

The Hummvees are built to withstand abuse, made from ripstop nylon with double and triple-stitiched seams to ensure longevity. The fabric has a PFC-free (non-toxic) Durable Water Repellent finish too. The broad waistband is lined with a soft mesh, fastens with a button attached to a sturdy fabric loop, as opposed to cotton thread, and it comes with a webbing belt as well (which I found superfluous).

side view of Endura Women's Hummvee shorts

The Hummvees are known for their many and varied pockets (Image credit: Jon Slade)


Starting with the liner shorts, I found them to be very comfortable and well-fitting with a great pad. The thin mesh fabric is relatively cool and the broad waistband and leg hems don’t dig in or cause any unsightly bulges – just as well as the liner legs are visible below the outer shorts when you’re pedaling. Onto the baggies… as mentioned, the legs are very short compared to most MTB shorts, so wouldn’t be compatible with knee pads unless these had a long leg sleeve. Also, being made from non-stretch nylon, the leg hem doesn’t have any give and I found its circumference a little narrow. At the top of the pedal stroke, the hem pulled on my thigh slightly, not a major problem but I was aware of it. However, my legs measure 19-20in around mid-thigh, which is fairly wide, so this might not be an issue for most. In contrast, the fit at the waist and through the hips is pretty spacious.

Being so short in the leg is great for casual summer rides, but seems slightly at odds with the Hummvees’ heavyweight construction – the thick fabric weave, lots of pockets and multi-layered waistband – which makes them feel rather hot. I’d be tempted to go for Endura’s Hummvee Lites instead, for more breathability and their stretch fabric. Despite their indisputable quality, the plain Hummvee’s waistband is too high, and bulky, for my tastes – the less material here the better as it gets so sweaty. In fact, I’m not a fan of short shorts either, so Endura’s SingleTrack Lite shorts would be my preference for summer riding, with their low waist, long legs and lightweight stretchy material.

inside view of the Endura Women's Hummvee shorts

The elasticated waist has four ClickFast attachment points (Image credit: Shim Slade)

Lastly, I need to mention all those pockets – zipped, Velcro'd and flap-over – great if you like stashing stuff on your person, and useful for bikepacking. While there are many pockets, I didn’t find one that could comfortably fit my phone, a Samsung S21, which is by no means enormous by current standards. In the front pockets I found it dug into my leg when pedalling, and it only just fitted in the back pockets so I could feel it pulling. I much prefer carrying my phone on the outside of my thigh, as you can with Endura’s excellent Women's SingleTrack Leggings.

While I have nitpicked various aspects of these shorts, they remain one of Endura’s best sellers so clearly it’s a case of horses for courses and depends whether you like the style. The included liner is excellent and there’s no disputing they are very well made and durable – so no worries riding through thorny undergrowth or taking a tumble in these! Even though they're not my cup of tea, for these reasons the Hummvees still deserve a good score.

rear waist panel on the Endura Women's Hummvee shorts

There's a super-stretchy panel at the back of the waist (Image credit: Jon Slade)


The Hummvees are great quality and great value, but they are a Marmite garment – you’ll either love them or not get on with the design at all – if you usually wear knee pads and like to carry your smartphone in a thigh pocket, they’re probably not for you. The warm, heavyweight fabric also seems at odds with the minimal leg length. It makes more sense to me to buy the longer 3/4 Hummvees for winter and the Hummvee Lite shorts for summer. The previous Hummvee Short II is currently available half price on Endura’s UK website.

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The lowdown: Endura Women's Hummvee shorts
FitQuite roomy but very short legs★★★
ComfortSturdy design makes them rather warm★★★★
DurabilityThey're known as bombproof baggies for good reason★★★★★
Value for moneyQuality construction and excellent liner short included★★★★★

Tech specs – Endura Women's Hummvee shorts

  • Price:  $99.99 / £74.99
  • Material: 100% nylon
  • Sizes: XXS-XL
  • Colors: Black, Deep Teal, Blue Steel
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