Ergon SR All-Road Core Pro Carbon gravel saddle review – subtly smooth gravel seat

Ergon’s SR Allroad Core Pro saddle adapts running shoe tech to maximize shock absorption, but is it a step in the right direction?

Ergon SR All-Road Core Pro Carbon gravel saddle pictured against grass with a bike perfect recommends badge
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Bike Perfect Verdict

The Ergon SR All-Road Core Pro Carbon saddle offers a subtle yet effective vibration dampening ensuring a solid and supportive perch for fast gravel and long adventure riding.


  • +

    Comfortable shape

  • +

    Plenty of space to move around if needed

  • +

    Good vibration dampening

  • +

    Easy to setup

  • +

    Two widths


  • -

    Oval rails aren’t compatible with all seatposts

  • -

    Expensive doesn’t mean light

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Ergon’s SR All-Road Core saddle range is a gravel/all-road saddle focused on reducing vibrations by adapting technology from running shoes. Rather than utilize variable density 3D printed upper or engineer complicated carbon rails like many of the other best gravel bike saddles, Ergon has designed the SR All-Road Core with a BASF Infinergy core layer between the saddle shell and upper padding, a material that Adidas has utilized as it’s lightweight and has excellent rebounding qualities. I have been running the Ergon SR All-Road Core Pro Carbon for a few months to find out if it's a step ahead of the competition. 

Ergon SR All-Road Core Pro Carbon gravel saddle BASF Infinergy core layer detail

The thick vibration-absorbing BASF Infinergy core layer is visible around the edge of the saddle (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)

Design and specification

The SR All-Road Core Pro uses a BASF Infinergy layer, this E-TPU material is made up of foam particles and is clearly visibly running around the outside edge of the saddle. The material was chosen due to its fast rebound properties, returning to its original shape to absorb continuous vibrations better. This is sandwiched between a relatively narrow carbon composite shell and an orthopedic AirCell foam topper. 

The saddle is 262mm in length, which is longer than the crop of modern stubby saddles, and comes in either small/medium 139mm or medium/large 152mm. There is a relief cut out rather than a full-on channel, so no cold surprises when you blast through puddles.

The Ergon SR All-Road Core range features three versions, all use the same Core HD design and padding and instead differ in rail and shell materials. The cheapest Comp is the most durable model, using a Nylon Composite shell with CroMo rails. The Pro and Pro Carbon models both feature a carbon shell and have a lower 100kg max load, with the difference being the Pro’s TiNox and Pro Carbon’s Carbon rails. Upgrading to the SR All-Road Core Pro will save you 74g over the base Ergon SR All-Road Core Comp for an extra $60 / £90 outlay, which arguably isn’t a very cost-effective way of saving weight. 

Ergon SR All-Road Core Pro Carbon gravel saddle pictured from behind against grass

There is no cutout but the large relief center channel ensures there's no unwanted pressure points (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)


I usually lean towards narrower saddles so initially I had reservations when I measured myself up as a med/large and wasn’t sure how well I would get along with the wider shape. The setup was simple though and I quickly found a comfortable position. The wider shape didn’t restrict freedom of movement either and the longer length gives plenty of shuffling room allowing you to move around to suit the surface and incline your riding. My preference is usually towards a saddle with a deep channel or cutout for pressure relief, something that could put off some riders, however, the shallow center channel of the Ergon SR All-Road Core Pro Carbon was very comfortable.

The orthopedic AirCell foam appears to be thin with most of the padding coming from the BASF’s Infinergy layer. It feels like it has a medium density when squished by hand although it still offers plenty of support when seated and pedaling hard, rather than feeling too squidgy or sloppy which can result in pressure points and muscle strain. 

Comfort continued as the miles racked up too. This was the saddle I used for the Dirty Reiver, a 200km gravel sportive, and I paid little thought to the saddle as I rumbled around the rough course for almost nine hours, finishing with zero discomfort or complaints. Unlike vibration dampening from a suspension seatpost, I found the BASF cushioning was more nuanced as I couldn’t specifically pinpoint it working when riding on rough surfaces. That said as a whole the saddle performed superbly on long and/or sporty gravel rides so I’m certain something beneficial is going on there.

Ergon SR All-Road Core Pro Carbon gravel saddle rails detail

Oval rails aren't compatible with all seat posts but markings would help with setup (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)


The Ergon SR All-Road Core Pro Carbon saddle replaced my venerable Bontrager Melrose saddle and has proved to be a comfortable and supportive perch for gravel riding. There is some subtle vibration relief from the BASF Infinergy layer which I found effective at easing fatigue on rough rides. While it's not overtly obvious that it's doing something, the SR All-Road Core Pro Carbon ensures a solid and supportive pedaling platform that keeps vibration-induced aches and pains at bay on fast gravel and long adventure riding.

The Ergon SR All-Road Core Pro Carbon is pricey and is focused on comfort, even with its top-spec carbon rails finery the SR All-Road Core Pro Carbon is not particularly light at 225g when compared to other more slim-lined gravel saddles. If comfort is your priority and you aren’t worried about weight then the All-Road Core Comp version is 74g heavier but noticeably cheaper alternative. 

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The lowdown: Ergon SR All-Road Core Pro Carbon saddle
ComfortWell shaped saddle with effective vibration dampering★★★★★
DurabilitySaddle is showing no signs of wear★★★★★
WeightReasonable, although there is lighter options for less money available★★★★
Value for moneyA little pricey★★★★

Tech specs: Ergon SR All-Road Core Pro Carbon saddle

  • Price: $199.95 / £179.99 / €199,95
  • Sizes: S/M (139mm), M/L (152mm)
  • Weight: 225g (M/L)
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