Granite Talon tire lever review – handy tire lever and quick-link tool

A simple and practical slimline tire lever and quick-link tool combo

Granite Talon quick link tool detail
(Image: © Graham Cottingham)

BikePerfect Verdict

Tire levers are a basic necessity, so why not add some extra functionality? Granite’s Talon tire lever combines tire levers and an effective quick link tool, and handy spare quick link storage.


  • +

    Simple but effective design

  • +

    Stores a spare quick link


  • -

    The two levers don’t clip together

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Granite makes all manner of neat tools and accessories to help conveniently carry all trail-side necessities and the Talon tire levers are a great example of this. Is it a tire lever? Is it a quick link tool? Granite’s Talon tire levers are both. 

The best mountain biking multi-tools rarely feature a quick link tool, yet it's a very handy tool to have in case of an emergency chain repair. Granite’s Talon tire levers have neatly integrated a basic quick link tool into a product that you already carry meaning it takes up no additional space but adds extra functionality.

Granite Talon quick link tool detail

Granite Talon quick link tool is a tire lever, quick link tool, and storage for your spare quick link (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)

Design and specification

The design is super simple as well, the two fiber-reinforced nylon levers feature a hooked tire lever on one end and a stainless-steel tip on the other. On the steel tip end, one lever has a metal pin and the other has a corresponding hole that fits together to form the quick link tools pivot point. The tool works with 9 to 12-speed quick links and chains.

Recessed inside the body of one of the levers, two more holes are designed to handily store a spare quick link in case it's needed. 

I measure the tool to be 130mm long including the steel tips, 19mm wide, and 16mm thick when stacked together. For reference, my single trusty Park Tool TL-1.2 is 115mm long, 15mm wide, and 28mm thick due to its arched shape. The Talon weighs 40g while two Park Tool levers come in at 26g.

Granite Talon quick link tool detail

The levers link together to form a quick link plier  (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)


Granite’s Talon tire levers might be simple in design but it performs very well. The lever bodies are really stiff and have enough length to prise troublesome tires from a rim. There are spoke hooks as well should you need to go double lever too.

Slotting the two levers together forms a simple but very effective quick link tool. The hooked tips easily grip the quick link and a simple squeeze will pop a quick link open. Quick links are easy to lose so it’s a nice touch that they can be stored in the tool for when you need them, rather than rummaging around in the bottom of your backpack or tool roll. The quick link storage has been secure enough that you can use the tool with the spare quick link in place without the risk of them falling out either.

My only criticism is that the two levers don’t clip into each other so they stay together in your bag.

Granite Talon quick link tool removing a quick link

The hooked jaws grip the quick link for easy release (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)


Granite’s Talon tire levers conveniently integrate a quick link tool to your tool arsenal without taking up any additional space. It's not a tool you need that often, but if you do it’s one you will be thankful for. It performs well and isn’t much more expensive than a good set of standalone tire levers, making the Talon tire levers a no-brainer trail essential.

Tech specs: Granite Talon tire lever

  • Price: $11.99 / £10.95
  • Colors: Black, Orange
  • Weight: 40g
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