Gusset Double Six single-speed convertor kit review – simple, clean, and easy to fine-tune

Single-speeding your bike can save weight and simplify maintenance hassles, especially in winter and this Gusset kit makes conversion easy

Gusset Double Six singlespeed convertor
(Image: © Guy Kesteven)

Bike Perfect Verdict

Really well designed, easily tuneable, alloy freehub friendly single-speed sprocket kit.


  • +

    Simple, clean conversion

  • +

    Wide cog preserves freehubs

  • +

    All freehubs covered

  • +

    Easy to fine-tune gearing


  • -

    Needs spacer for 10/11 speed freehubs

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If you’re sick of cleaning filthy cogs, mechs, and multiple chainrings and fighting with salty seized cables, or you just fancy something different to pique your interest in the dark months then turning your bike into a single-speed definitely has appeal. 

This kit from Gusset makes it as easy as possible and lets you fine-tune your gear to suit different terrain and frames.

Gusset Double Six singlespeed convertor

You can choose from a 12T or 16T sprocket as standard but Gusset do supply other sizes up to 19T separately (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)

Design and Specifications

The kit consists of two tapered alloy spacers which sit on either side of a chromed steel fixed cog with a 7mm foot flange to stop it from digging into alloy freehub splines. The spacers also help support the cog from extreme loads, though it looks pretty solid anyway. You can choose from a 12- or 16-tooth cog as standard but there’s a full range of upgrade sprockets from 12-19T. 

A simple flat steel lockring holds everything in place but the Shimano/SRAM kit is designed for 8/9 speed MTB freehubs, so you’ll need to add a small ring spacer for 10/11 speed road hubs. Different versions are available for SRAM XD and Campagnolo. You might also need a chain tensioner to take up the slack if your chosen ratio doesn’t match with a fixed axle position frameset, but don’t worry Gusset does several different versions of those too. 

Gusset Double Six singlespeed convertor

It's a well-designed, clean conversion  (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)


In terms of performance, the chrome-finished CNC cut cog gives a clean and quiet action on a 3/32in geared or 1/8in single-speed chain. The reduced bike weight and optimized chain line will always put a spring in your step as long as you’re not too spun out and the hills aren't too steep. I’ve had no issues with creak or grind from the spacers and sprocket even after properly filthy rides either. 


Single-speeding certainly isn’t as popular as it once was but if you’re one cog curious this is a really well-engineered and inclusive way to convert your conventional bike to a purer form of propulsion.

Tech specs: Gusset Double Six single-speed convertor kit

  • Price: $39.95 / £26.99
  • Weight: 116g (full 16T setup including spacer for 10/11 speed freehub)
  • Sizes: Complete kits: 12 and 16T for Shimano/SRAM, 18T for Campagnolo. Single sprockets 12-19T
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