Lezyne CNC Alloy Wheel Hook review – display your bike as art

Lezyne's Alloy Wheel Hook is a high-end machined alternative to the humble wall-mounted bike hook

Bike wheel attached to hook on wall
(Image: © Neal Hunt)

BikePerfect Verdict

It's solid, well made, easy to fit, looks great, and works well if you hang your bike in a place where people can see it – but it is an expensive and less adjustable alternative to a cheap and cheerful hook.


  • +

    Very well finished

  • +

    Easy to fit

  • +

    Looks great

  • +

    Works with a variety of wheel sizes


  • -


  • -

    No discernible benefit compared to cheaper alternatives

  • -

    Not very adjustable once fitted

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Since 2007 Lezyne has been making premium parts and accessories, and they are a regular feature in our best MTB multi-tools and best MTB pumps and CO2 inflators. Lezyne's components can easily be identified by their use of CNC’d alloy and high-quality finishes, and this wheel hook is no different.

Lezyne CNC Alloy Wheel Hook fixed on wood on a wall

A black anodized finish gives it a classy look (Image credit: Neal Hunt)

Design and specification

The three-piece system comprises of a wall-mounted wheel hook and two wall-mounted alloy plates to prevent scuffing. The hook includes two parts made from a durable CNC-machined alloy with a black anodized coating. It's a solid-looking piece of kit with a high-end, industrial look to it. One section screws to the wall, and a second section screws into this and has a durable rubber coating with a dip in the middle to help center your rim when mounting. It looks a bit like a handlebar grip, has multiple Lezyne logos across it, and feels very durable. This can be screwed in from either side, which is handy if you are tight on space.

The two plates simply mount to the wall like the hook does and are designed to help prevent surface scuff marks from your tires. They feature the same high-quality anodized finish as the hook and have a really classy look to them.

When attached to a solid wall, the wheel hook can hold up to 32kg (70lbs), which is more than any non-cargo bike I've ridden, and can take up to a 3.5” tire with 13cm of rim and tire clearance, so it should be good for everything from plus size mountain bikes to deep section carbon road wheels.

Close up of wheel on Lezyne CNC Alloy Wheel Hook plate on wall

The alloy plates help to prevent tire scuff marks on your wall (Image credit: Neal Hunt)


Fitting was easy – you can either screw directly into the wall with the screws provided or, if you need to use wall plugs, you may need to use a suitable fastener. For my walls, I needed to reinforce the area on a wooden backing to offer suitable support and strength due to modern construction methods, but ordinarily, they should screw straight to a wall or beam. Consult a builder or plasterer friend if you are unsure as to how best to mount.

It was super straightforward once I worked out how to fit the rest. I measured a few different bikes and placed the wall plates in a post suitable for the majority of bikes I had at the time. I mounted the hook just under 2m from floor level, with the plates 25cm and 125cm (measured from the center of the plate) below, which worked well with a variety of 29er mountain bikes, gravel, and road.

Close up of wheel in Lezyne CNC Alloy Wheel Hook on wall

The grip section can be screwed in from either side – handy if you are short on space (Image credit: Neal Hunt)

Its construction and finish are top-rate and have remained so throughout testing, but the elephant in the room of its $44.99 / £45.00 price is hard to ignore. It looks great but is at least double the price of similar wall-mounted hooks from Topeak and BBB and nearly ten times the cost of a basic plastic-coated hook from a hardware store.

Functionally it doesn't offer anything cheaper options don't provide, but I could see the attraction of it if you had a very nice bike mounted on a wall in your house or office and wanted something in keeping with the rest of your decor. I'm thinking more of a warehouse apartment than a grubby workshop, so if you treat your pride and joy like a piece of art, this could be just the thing for you.

Bike fixed to wall with Lezyne CNC Alloy Wheel Hook

The hook can take up to 3.5-inch tires (Image credit: Neal Hunt)


It is expensive and over-engineered, but a great-looking display option – perfect for those who like to show off their bike on the wall of their house or office. Functionally it doesn't offer more than a host of cheaper options, but its quality finish and unique aesthetic set it apart from similar offerings.

Tech specs: Lezyne CNC Alloy Wheel Hook

  • Price: $44.99 / £45.00 / €44.95
  • Weight: 47g
  • Wheel width: Up to 3.5” wide
  • Wheel depth: Up to 13cm
  • Colors: Gloss black with an anodized finish
  • Materials: CNC machined alloy
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