Lezyne RAP II 20 and 25 multi-tool review – why are these my new favorite multitools?

Lezyne does a wide range of multi-tools in all sorts of formats but the bigger models of the new RAP II range are genuine standouts

Lezyne RAP multitool
(Image: © Guy Kesteven)

Bike Perfect Verdict

Solid, stealthy, and seriously comprehensive tools with tubeless or braking optimization and no useless filler.


  • +

    Excellent quality tool selections with no filler

  • +

    Reasonable price

  • +

    Decent tool reach and leverage

  • +

    Solid, rustproof build with washers between tools

  • +

    C02 head is simple but effective


  • -

    Tubeless plug case on 25 is very small

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There are vast numbers of different brands and designs competing for the title of ‘best multitool’. Lezyne has been leading players in the game for a while too, and their latest RAP multi-tools offer practical combinations of good quality, corrosion-proofed tools in an easy-to-use format. The RAP II 20 Tubeless and RAP II 25 each suit slightly different riders though.

Lezyne RAP multitool

All the RAP family use a 'penknife' format with alloy side plates and get a black corrosion resistance finish (Image credit: GuyKesTV)

Design and build

The RAP II range (it starts with the RAP II 6 at $12.99) all use a ‘penknife’ format with alloy side plates to reduce weight. The 25 also has holes and magnets to hold a ‘smart chain link’ in place on each side. The side plates sandwich hardened steel tools with a mystery “Black Anti-Corrosion Technology” to reduce rusting. The tool holding pins can be tightened with a Torx key (or loosened slightly if that’s how you like it) and each tool is separated from its neighbor with a stainless steel washer. The disc brake straightening fork/bottle opener tool on the 25 has a hard stop pin to stop it from folding under when you’re using it.

While it's not a product feature as such, Lezyne has also moved to minimal packaging with as much recycled content as possible and QR code downloadable instructions rather than printed leaflets.

Lezyne RAP multitool

All tools are separated with a steel washer for independent opening. The detachable CO2 head is simple but effective (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


So what are the RAP’s like to battle against trail mechanicals with? For a start, both tools are pretty flat with no projecting pointy bits. The CO2 head creates a bit of a lump if folded in, but fold the plastic carrier out beyond the tool and it’s fine. In other words, if I had to pick a multi-tool to land on in a crash then it’d be on the short list. The stainless steel washers mean you can generally peel each tool out separately rather than having to fight with a clump. Apart from the stumpy, cutaway 8mm (it works fine on steel/ti pedal axles but just go gentle on soft alloy crank bolts just in case) all the tools are at least 30mm long and the major ones are 38mm long. That means they’ve got decent reach to get into awkward spots. The tools themselves are still sharp and connect accurately after plenty of use and there’s no rust despite regular drowning and leaving in damp bags. 

The chain tool has enough leverage for comfortable use, works fine with 12 and 11 speed, and also has 8 and 10mm wrench, valve core tool, and 0-4SW spoke keys built in. The tubeless fork and sealed plug stash tube on the 20 are genuinely useful too. You can only squeeze one fat and one thin plug in so I’d suggest taking spares for longer/rougher rides. 

The CO2 head is a basic nonvalved connector rather than anything fancy. The toothy collar helps you get enough grip to drive it into the cartridge. The fact it’s inline means you can inflate slowly (tool at the top of the wheel) or dump the whole C02 charge in to expand in the tire for a super fast “pop” (tool at the top of the wheel). While it looks worryingly small, the bottle opener works fine too.

Lezyne RAP multitool

The 20 includes a sealed pod for a tubeless plug (supplied) and a combined reamer and plug fork tool (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


There’s no shortage of multi-tools on the market but there are few that offer a properly comprehensive tool menu without a functionality compromise. In a perfect world, I’d love a RAP 26 with the smart link sides and rotor fork/bottle opener of the 25 and the tubeless tools of the 20. The T30 Torx key and flat screwdriver are probably surplus on a lot of bikes these days too. Overall though, it’ll be one of these tools (probably the 25 with a separate tubeless kit) going into my ride bag tonight and staying there as my go-to tool. And if you knew how much I overthink what I take with me when riding, you’d realize that’s far from a throwaway remark. 

Lezyne RAP multitool

It's not drinking on the job, it's essential testing... (Image credit: GuyKesTV)

Tech Specs: RAP II 20

  • Price: $36.99 / £40
  • Tools: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm Hex, 10, 25, 30 Torx, Philips screwdriver, Steel chain tool/wrench, tubeless tool/plug case, C02 head, 8 and 10mm wrench, valve core tool and 0-4SW spoke keys 
  • Weight 183g
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