Lezyne Roll Caddy saddle roll review: a handy way to carry trail essentials

Tool rolls offer an alternative to traditional saddlebags and the Lezyne Roll Caddy offers some great tool organization out on the trail

Lezyne Roll Caddy attached to a saddle
(Image: © Graham Cottingham)

BikePerfect Verdict

Well organized layout holds all trail essentials although a little fiddly to fit and can become a little ungainly if over packed


  • +

    Well-organized layout

  • +

    Zipped pocket for loose items

  • +

    Stays securely rolled

  • +

    When opened it creates an area to work on


  • -

    Strap isn’t sewn in so rotates when tightening

  • -

    Long shape may touch your seatpost

  • -

    Needs to be removed to access items inside

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While most saddlebags take a standard zipped pouch approach to storing the bits and bobs you need to take along with you on a ride, it’s not the only option available to riders. Tool rolls offer an alternative solution, separating items in their own pockets before being rolled up and attached to saddle rails or other places. 

Lezyne’s Roll Caddy is a tool roll, attached with a Velcro strap which Lezyne rates to have the equivalent of 0.6L of storage, or enough space for a lightweight tube, standard multi-tool and a couple of other little things. So how does the Lezyne Roll Caddy compare to the best saddlebags for mountain biking?

Lezyne Roll Caddy attached to a saddle

A large velcro strap is used to attach the Roll Caddy to the saddle rails (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)

Design and aesthetics 

The Roll Caddy is made using a nylon construction and consists of a simple three pockets. The middle wider pocket fits a lightweight inner tube while the left can house a multi-tool. On the right, there is a zipped pocket to keep small loose items that could be easily lost like quick links and other bits and pieces.

There is a flap that folds over to keep everything secure and the roll is folded in thirds and is held together with a section of Velcro. The Roll Caddy is then attached to the saddle rails with a 40mm wide hook-and-loop Velcro strap.

Lezyne Roll Caddy attached to a saddle

The Roll Caddy needs to be removed to access the contents but once opened it creates a surface to work from (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)


First off, as with any tool roll, you need to remove them from the saddle if you want to access any of the items inside. Compared to a regular saddle bag, this means it’s a bit more of a process if you are needing to quickly grab something. On the flip side though there are no zips to break or get clogged up with grit. Once removed and opened though, everything is easy to grab and when laid out it provides a good surface to work from if you need somewhere to put small parts that you don’t want to lose in the grass.

Looping the strap through the plastic guide is a little fiddly and as the Velcro strap isn’t sewed to the tool roll itself meaning it rotates a little when you are fixing it in place. That said, once attached it’s rock solid. A Velcro section holds the tool roll closed so when it is removed, it doesn’t open up and spill things everywhere.

The long shape works well to reduce perceived bulkiness. Rather than rolling a tube tight, it can be folded longer and flatter to keep the Roll Caddy neater and more streamlined. Obviously the larger the tube/tool the bulkier the Roll Caddy will be, however, while it won’t fold as neatly and will become a bit ungainly, the Roll Caddy will still securely attach to the saddle. That said, I found the long shape did touch the dropper post shaft which could cause potential wear concerns on the stanchion surface in mucky conditions. I do have my saddle sitting somewhat forward so those that ride with their saddles set back may not have the same problem. Potential wear is less of a concern if you don't have a dropper post.

We also noticed a little wear point where the Roll Caddy had rubbed against the edge of our saddle. It's only small though and whether you experience the same will very much depend on the type of saddle you run.


Tool rolls are not going to suit all riders due to the fact that you need to remove them from the bike to access your items. If a tool roll does tick your boxes then the Lezyne Roll Caddy is well proportioned for storing a tube, tool, lever and other little bits. Most importantly, while a little fiddly, the Roll Caddy fits securely to the saddle with its wide Velcro strap so you shouldn’t need to worry about it disappearing mid-ride.

Tech Specs: Lezyne Roll Caddy tool roll

  • Price: $21.99 / £20 
  • Size: 0.6 liters 
  • Colors: Black
  • Attachment: Velcro strap 
  • Weight: 80g
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