Maap X Apidura framebag review – sleek on-bike storage

A lightweight performance frame bag from the collaborative minds of Maap and Apidura

Maap X Apidura framebag with a bike perfect recommends badge
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Bike Perfect Verdict

Tidy, well-shaped, and sleek collab framebag from Maap and Apidura, although I miss a second non-drive side zipped pocket


  • +

    Durable materials

  • +

    Properly waterproof

  • +

    Storm flap over the zip

  • +

    Well shaped

  • +

    Cable port

  • +



  • -

    No zipped pocket on the non-drive side

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Maap has teamed up with Apidura to create a range of on-bike storage for outback bikepacking and gravel adventures. The range of bikepacking bags features a 9L seatpack, a 9L Handlebar Pack, and the 4L framebag I have on test here.

The framebag is a collaboration between the Aussie clothing brand and British bag maker so while the Maap X Apidura framebag shares a lot of similarities with Apidura’s Racing Frame Pack, it also has some unique touches too.

Close up view of the Maap X Apidura framebag straps

The bag is securely held in place with velcro and webbing (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)

Design and specifications

The Maap X Apidura framebag is made from ultralight waterproof Apidura laminate called Hexalon. This is the same material used across all of Apidura’s Racing bags ad the Maap X Apidura bag range due to its light but hard-wearing qualities. The bag attaches to the frame using three velcro straps along the top tube and two webbed straps of the downtube. The front two velcro straps have two fixing points to give a little more flexibility as to where the straps sit in case they clash with top tube bag straps or cable routing.

Inside there is 4L of storage, which consists of a single large compartment with a small stretchy mesh side stash pocket on the non-drive side. There's a chunky waterproof YKK zipper with a big zip puller that runs the length of the bag which has a storm flap for added protection from the elements. There's also an electronics port at the front with a protective flap so you can run charging cables from the bag to the handlebars without interfering with the zip. 

Keeping the bag around 4L also gives a good universal size ensuring that the frame bag will fit across a broad range of bikes. The bag measures 42cm in length,  so it should fit comfortably on any 50cm gravel bike and up. It should also fit most medium cross-country hardtails although that's a lot more dependent on your bike's frame shape, I used the framebag on a medium Canyon Exceed which has a more classic frame shape and it fitted well. The bag tapers from 14cm at the downtube to 7cm at the rear to give more clearance for bottle access.

Maap X Apidura framebag with its zip open

The framebag is made from ultralight waterproof Apidura laminate called Hexalon (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)


For those that might not have used a framebag before, although 4L doesn't sound like much space you can pack a surprising amount in. It's enough for a packable jacket, some tools, and a few snacks so it's perfect for long day rides or for quick access things on bikepacking trips. 

While the large 4L of storage will fit a surprising amount of kit and simplifies packing, I did miss having a slim anti-rattle pocket on the non-drive side. It's a compartment I use a lot on my other frame bags to safely store my phone and keys, stop gels from bursting, and store other slim flat items that I want to quickly grab or keep safe. The mesh pocket isn't much of a consolation as it doesn't feel secure enough to hold a phone or tool, it’s still pretty handy for stuffing bar and gel wrappers or small things like gloves.

The framebag fit is secure and hassle-free to take on and off if required. Apidura has fitted stiffing sections across the top and base of the bag which help maintain its shape when packed. I didn’t have any trouble with the sway, loosening straps, or leg rub while riding either. Durability has been great so far too, there are no wear holes and the zip is still smooth and easy to open and close while riding.

Maap X Apidura framebag non-driveside detail

The Maap X Apidura framebag has a single 4L compartment with an additional mesh stash pocket on the non-drive side (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)


Maap X Apidura’s Framebag combines all the technical know-how and high-quality materials that Apidura’s bags are known for and gives it an Ozzy twist. The fit has been great on the gravel, cross-country, and cross-country mountain bikes I have used it on and despite racking up some serious mileage it's still looking fresh. The four liters of storage is enough room for big ride essentials or as part of a full bikepacking setup.

Although the mesh stash pocket is pretty useful, I miss having a second non-drive side zipped pocket. It's enough of a deal breaker for me that I would sacrifice the trendy Maap logos and opt for Apidura’s own Racing Frame Pack instead and save myself $34 / £12 / AU$26 in the process.


The Maap X Apidura Framebag is only available directly from

Tech specs: Maap X Apidura Framebag

  • Price: $175 / £115 / AU$215
  • Size: 4L
  • Weight: 196g 
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