Mountainflow Eco-Wax Bike Lube Dry review – a decent, environmentally friendly lube

Part of an innovative range of environmentally friendly products, but how did it perform out on the trail?

A Mountainflow Eco-Wax Bike Lube Dry bottle on a rock
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BikePerfect Verdict

Mountainflow Eco-Wax’s plant-based Bike Lube Dry does a good job as a dry lube that lasts pretty well with minimal mess – as long as you follow the usage instructions correctly.


  • +

    The wax-based formula adheres well to the chain and rollers

  • +

    Adjustable drip bottle design helps prevent overspill

  • +

    True green credentials set it apart

  • +

    High wax content means smooth chains and an efficient drivetrain

  • +

    Easy to apply


  • -

    Thin liquid could be an issue for those who like plenty of lube

  • -

    Disappears quickly if not given time to cure once applied

  • -

    Needs a vigorous shake before application

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Mountainflow-Eco Wax claims its Bike Lube Dry is the ‘only non-toxic, non-flammable dry lube on the market’. Chain lube comes in many forms, and our guide to the best bike chain lubes can help you make sense of all the options, but practically all of them can be broken down into two clear categories: an oil or wax-based lubricants. Virtually all of these options are derived from petrochemicals in some way, so the move to a plant-based formula is something Mountainflow should be applauded for.

Mountainflow is one of the first brands to use a plant-based biodegradable formula, which it has developed from years of making eco-friendly ski wax alternatives. Starting in 2017, the company went through 200 iterations over two years, and from this had the basis for its complete range of ski waxes and bicycle drivetrain products.

Mountainflow Eco-Wax Bike Lube Dry

The adjustable screw top helps to make sure you apply just the right amount (Image credit: Neal Hunt)


The dry lube is part of a wider range of lubricants, all of which derive from the wax technology developed by the guys at Mountainflow. As you'd expect, the dry lube is for dry to moderately damp conditions and is designed to dry on the chain and leave a coating to help protect the chain and rollers, as well as to help keep your drivetrain running efficiently and squeak-free.

The 4oz (118ml) bottle uses 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, with an adjustable twist top to help you control the amount of liquid that flows onto the chain.

Mountainflow Eco Wax Dry Chain Lube

Once cured it leaves a clear waxy coating on the chain (Image credit: Neal Hunt)


It's been an unseasonably dry winter here in Yorkshire over the last couple of months, which has given me the perfect chance to put the dry lube to use. I must admit I'm a fan of dry and thinner chain lubes and regular cleaning and reapplying rather than running a heavier lube. I often find a heavier lube attracts too much dirt and grime and can lead to quicker drivetrain wear, so I was really happy to be able to use this when normally it would be wet lube season.

To apply, simply turn the top of the bottle, and tip up to drip lubricant on the chain as required. The amount applied is easily adjusted by simply opening more or less accordingly. The consistency is a bit thinner than I'm used to, so this adjustment was very helpful when applying it to avoid overspray and unnecessary mess.

As this is wax-based and not petrochemical or fluorocarbon PTFE, it's really important to let the fluid set once applied, so make sure you leave it in place for at least a few minutes before riding, otherwise it soon washes away, as I discovered on my first ride. I found that if I applied the lube post-bike wash and left it overnight, it would last very well and outlasted my go-to dry lube of choice (Muc-Off Dry Weather) by at least two rides.

Once dried, the coating is super thin, and at first, quite hard to tell if it's applied, but with a quick touch with your fingers, you can feel the smooth, waxy residue left by the lube. In use, the only thing I found less than perfect was its viscosity, but this was largely offset by the adjustable top once I had used it a couple of times.

Mountainflow Eco Wax Dry Chain Lube

The dry lube forms part of a wider range of Mountainflow plant-based lubes and grease (Image credit: Neal Hunt)


I have to admit I've been pleasantly surprised. Often a true eco product comes with a caveat towards outright performance, but I didn't find any downsides in this case. As long as Mountainflow Eco-Wax’s guidance on the application is followed, the Bike Lube Dry worked a charm in the dry and mildly damp conditions I have been riding in lately, with very little mess or accumulated dirt and grime building up on the chain and jockey wheels.

Tech specs: Mountainflow Eco-Wax Bike Lube Dry

  • Price: $13.95 / £13.99
  • Size: 4oz / 118ml
  • Drip bottle: Consumer-recycled plastic
  • Details: Plant-based, non-toxic, fluorocarbon-free
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