Peaty's X Fidlock Lockin' Bottle review – stylish, secure and easy squeezy drinking

Peaty’s updated Fidlock bottle delivers easier drinking in a neat looking, impressively secure cageless format

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Bike Perfect Verdict

Easy drinking bottle with impressively secure, clean looking cageless mount that increasingly proves it’s worth the longer you use it.


  • +

    Easy squeeze bottle

  • +

    Fast flow spout

  • +

    Low profile magnetic mount

  • +

    Great for tight spaces

  • +

    Taste-free eco-material


  • -

    Pricey compared to conventional cage and bottle

  • -

    Takes some practice to refit on the move

  • -

    Only one size

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Peaty’s Products have made their Fidlock bottle softer and squeezier and added a faster flowing nozzle so drinking is far easier. They’ve still kept all the cageless security and smart look of the magnetic Fidlock mount system too. But is it worth the extra cost over a traditional combo and how does it measure up to the best water bottles for MTB?

The bottle

The most noticeable difference with the new bottle is that it’s a far softer material than before. That makes it much easier to squeeze than the previous very rigid version which was really hard to get a gulp from. The nozzle is also faster flowing too so you actually need to be careful not to drown yourself if you’re used to a standard bottle. 

The BPA (Bisphenol-A)-free material keeps the contents healthy and I’ve not had any issues with lingering tastes after washing even when I’ve used strongly flavored drinks and accidentally left them in for several days. Peaty’s are also underselling themselves by 10 percent as it’s actually got a 660ml capacity 

Look closely and you’ll see there’s a darker/smokey band along the bottom of the bottle which stiffens it enough not to wobble around too much on the mount. Because you have the Fidlock shoe fixed to the bottle, it does weigh double what the average 750ml bottle does at 120g.

Peaty's X Fidlock Lockin Bottle squirting out water

The new bottle is a lot easier to squeeze and gets a faster flow nozzle too (Image credit: GuyKesTV)

The bottle mount

The Fidlock mount with it’s two magnetic mushroom studs adds another 25g, so it’s definitely not a weight weenie choice. It looks way neater on the bike with or without a bottle mounted though and after several thousand kilometers using the bottles on MTB and gravel, I’ve yet to lose one even on the roughest descents. That’s not to say you can’t knock them off accidentally with your knee, on a stump, etc in a crash, but I've not had an issue and neither have my mates who use the Fidlock system.

Removing the bottle with a quick twist is dead easy too and because it’s a sideways movement you don’t need any extra room in the frame than what the bottle itself takes up. 

Putting it back is more tricky though and even after months of use I still generally have to look down to get the bottle close enough for the magnets to take over and ‘tractor beam’ it into place. There’s no physical ‘catch’ sensation like a conventional cage either although there is a satisfying clunk when it ‘locks’ in place. 

The Fidlock system doesn’t get saggy or loose like conventional cages often can though and the bottles (available in two different designs and clear or smoke finish) don’t get scratched or scuffed either.

Peaty's X Fidlock frame mount

The magnetic mount is unobtrusive on the bike... (Image credit: GuyKesTV)

Peaty's X Fidlock Lockin Bottle mount

...because most of the mount is recessed into the bottle (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


Not everyone is going to ‘get’ Peaty’s Fidlock bottle and magnetic mount, particularly when cost and weight are against it compared to a good, conventional setup. It’s a secure and stylish winner if you want an easy squeezy bottle that stays tasting and looking fresh, takes up minimal space and looks super neat with the bottle on or off though. 

Tech specs: Peaty's X Fidlock Lockin' Bottle

  • Price: $55.39 / £34.99 / €44.99
  • Size: 660ml
  • Options: Topo or Crown in clear or smoke finish
  • Weight: 145g (bottle and mount)
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