Prologo Akero saddle review: broad based saddle for all sorts of riding

A relatively affordable, aesthetically subtle entry into the broader, shorter saddle scene for whatever riding you’re into

Prologo Akero saddle
(Image: © Guy Kesteven)

BikePerfect Verdict

Firmly padded and full length but with extra breadth for supporting wider bone structures, central pressure relief and a smoothly sprung shell


  • +

    Broad, flat back support

  • +

    Firm performance feel

  • +

    Central relief channel

  • +

    Secret ‘saddle system’ mounts


  • -

    Misplaced rail on our sample

  • -

    Some might want softer

  • -

    There are similar, cheaper options

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Prologo has a reputation for dramatically styled saddles at the top end of pricing and pro use, but the new Akero is less challenging aesthetically, and in terms of price. Its design follows other brands who are finding broader, flatter profiles to be really popular for both gravel and MTB use. Presuming you don’t have an initial build glitch as we did, it's a firmly supportive seat that works well with more upright positions and won’t rinse your rear through every puddle. So how does it measure up to the best mountain bike saddles and best bikepacking saddles out there? Keep reading to find out.

Prologo Akero saddle

The Akero is broad and flat, with a subtle central relief channel (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)

Design and aesthetics

Tech details on the Prologo website are sparse, but judging from the fridge magnet test, the T2.0 rails are steel and that ties in with the 236g weight too. The rails are marked with fore and aft stop points and plug into a nylon shell via two suspended sockets at the rear and a garage slot at the front. There are two threaded sockets at the back too, which are clearly the mount points for some kind of saddle storage and/or lighting system, but that’s all Prologo wants us to know at the moment according to its UK distributors.

There’s a definite tendency for broader saddles to be matched with a softer, deeper padded top, but Prologo has kept the cushioning under the single-piece microfiber cover relatively shallow and firm. The central cut-out in the base is matched with a broad, shallow channel that runs from tip to tail of the upper. While some brands offer different widths of the same design, the Akero currently only comes in one 255mm x 155mm format. That makes it 12mm wider and 10mm longer than Prologo’s other ‘center relief’ gravel saddle, the Dimension AGX. It’s basically the same weight though and €30 cheaper. The Akero aperture is closed by the padding above however, which is either a ventilation fail or a ‘non bidet’ win depending on your likely local weather.

Prologo Akero saddle

The profile is flat and the texture is firm (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)


We had an initial glitch with our saddle, which meant one of the rails wasn’t fully home, so the top was tilted up at an angle. A bit of gentle ‘persuasion’ with pipe pliers and a rigger boot soon saw it pop into place though and it’s been level and squeak-free since. The broad base will definitely suit some riders more than others but there’s enough slope to the shoulders to mean narrow-hipped pedallers won’t feel like they’re sitting on a square brick. The firm padding means you don’t sink into it and get bouncy or sweaty either. Flex in the center of the shell still eases any big wallops, G-outs or tractor rut chatter that might punish your privates and/or shake your spine too.

While it’s basically flat from nose to tail, the side shaping centers you easily and there’s some grip texture to stop you from sliding when you’re grinding the power out. It’s still basically a full-length saddle though, so while the nose is flat and center dipped, it won’t remove pressure from your perineum if you roll forward like a properly sawn off saddle can. On the flip side, however, that does mean more room to shuffle forwards and backward to balance traction on super steep climbs.

Prologo Akero saddle

A view of the underneath, showing the saddle rails (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)


Not everyone who needs a wider saddle wants something with soft padding and a stub nose and that’s exactly where the Prologo Akero comes in. It basically feels like a traditional performance saddle in terms of firmer padding and length, but there’s enough flex in the shell to shrug off rough trails, central pressure relief without getting rinsed by puddles, and extra breadth if that’s what your sit bones need. You can get similar spec products for less cash, though.

Tech Specs: Prologo Akero saddle

  • Price: £62.99 / €77.70
  • Dimensions: 255 x 155cm
  • Weight: 236g
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