Quoc Gran Tourer XC shoe review – the freshest XC/gravel shoes around

From Quoc’s latest Lalashan Collection, these shoes deliver flawless performance whilst standing out from the crowd with a bold color scheme

A pair of Quoc Gran Tourer XC shoes held up sideways on
(Image: © Amy Perryman)

Bike Perfect Verdict

This brand new XC model combines the best aspects of four years of Quoc designs. Shredding trails just got faster, comfier and a whole lot cooler – the ideal shoe for summer gravel or dusty trails.


  • +

    Dual-dial adjustment

  • +

    Rubber toe cap

  • +

    Foot molding insoles

  • +

    Spare arch inserts and stud replacements

  • +

    Color/design choice


  • -

    Sizes come up small

  • -

    Dusty Pink design shows dirt easily!

  • -

    A significant investment

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With the off-road MTB, gravel and cyclocross scene continuing to make huge leaps in fashion and tech, Quoc has jumped on board releasing its latest version of the Gran Tourer XC shoe in the new Lalashan Collection. Building on four years of alterations and modifications since its first Gran Tourer shoe, Quoc has finally released a shoe that can withstand it all. Best believe it, this shoe deserves to be added to our list of some of the best gravel bike shoes in 2023. 

Quoc Gran Tourer XC right show held up sideways on

The shoe features Quoc's signature color border in light pink (Image credit: Amy Perryman)

With an updated dual-dial system it allows for micro-accurate precision when adjusting and a well-spread tightening system across the top of the foot. A new stiff carbon composite outsole and TPU tread creates a lightweight shoe that will have you flying along the trails. Honing a similar design to the Fizik Terra Atlas, since it was released on April 12, 2023, the Dusty Pink design has been a hit in the off-road world, which is rare, considering the usual go-to off-road shoes would be a darker color where dirt doesn’t show as easily. Quoc has catered for all though – if you don’t fancy a standout dusty pink, it has released charcoal and all-black designs too.

Cheap MTB shoes are hard to come across at the moment; a well-rounded price for decent off-road shoes on the market right now is anything between £150-£250. Therefore, with the Quocs selling for £240 on their website I would say this is an accurate price point, albeit a hefty investment for a pair of shoes.

Zoom in on QUOC logo on QUOC Gran Tourer XC shoe

The standout yellow Quoc label engraved into the side of the shoe for effortless marketing (Image credit: Amy Perryman)


This design has a standout color scheme featuring Dusty Pink as Quoc's signature color border, as well as a sandy gray for the main section of the shoe. Mixing a black upgraded dual-dial system and solid white tread, these shoes were designed to make heads turn. A nature-inspired reflective strip on the heels of the shoes allows adventures to continue safely and seamlessly into the night. A very simple Quoc label on the heel, top of the shoes, and etched in yellow on the right foot, ensures that the marketing is effortless.

Close-up of Dual Dial system on QUOC Gran Tourer XC shoe

Quoc's new dual-dial boa system (Image credit: Amy Perryman)

The main addition to this shoe is the new and improved Quoc Technology Dual-Dial system, a major upgrade from the previous lace-up Gran Tourer shoe. The ability to make micro adjustments is a lifesaver when the shoes start to feel uncomfortable, boosted by being able to adjust whilst on trail with one simple anti-clockwise click. A stiff carbon composite sole makes for a much lighter and sturdier shoe than previous editions, allowing power to be put through the pedals efficiently. It also makes any 'hike a bike' section on the trails easier on the feet, especially with the well-padded heel and cleverly created insoles that mold to the foot. With a ‘vibration-absorbing insole’ and a ball-of-foot pressure point release incorporated into the insole, Quoc has ensured that the main focus is on comfort, especially since the shoes are designed to be worn over long distances. The specially designed gusseted tongue also allows the shoe to mold to the foot perfectly.

One of Quoc’s standout features is the Abrasion Resistant Microfiber used as the main fabric (inherited from the award-winning Gran Tourer); it is one of the reasons why the Quocs are so durable over long distances and in poor conditions. A rubber toe cap is a new addition to the Gran Tourer shoe, adding to the stability/protection of the entire shoe and keeping any annoying toe scuffs at bay. Provided in the box are three spare arch inserts (giving a custom-like fit to the shoe), as well as an array of spare studs. 

View of sole of QUOC Gran Tourer XC shoe

The SPD compatible, stud ready and grippy sole of the shoe (Image credit: Amy Perryman)


Having worn these shoes on many rides already, I have very few complaints to make about overall comfort while pedaling; quite frankly I would say they are some of the comfiest shoes I’ve ever ridden off-road in. The foot molding inserts really make a world of difference, fitting to the exact curvatures of your foot whilst out pedaling, something that usually you pay a fortune to get custom made. The change up from laces to a dual-dial system was definitely the best move from Quoc. The easy on trail adjustment is something that I will never take for granted after having ridden in the Specialized Recon Lace Gravel shoe – also a very good option, but tricky to adjust on the move with the laces. However, I found the one click dual-dial system a bit awkward to get used to at first, as one anticlockwise click releases the wires completely, then to tighten, you turn the clockwise ratchet to the desired fit – rather than the expected one anticlockwise click just releasing a single ratchet's worth of wire.

Top view of QUOC Gran Tourer XC shoe

It is a spacious shoe, even for wide feet, with a well-cushioned heel  (Image credit: Amy Perryman)

I found that I haven’t needed to use the spare arch inserts, but appreciate that they can be very useful for different people, allowing that extra protection on the arch of the foot – a sensitive area over long distances in a stiff-soled shoe. For clumsy people like me, the extra toe protection is super handy, reducing the risk of toe scuffs when tripping up or trying to clip into cleats fast and accidentally whacking the toe of the shoe! I am yet to test the shoes in torrential rain but when put through light rain and slightly muddy trails they held up well, keeping my feet dry and warm. Thankfully, due to the Abrasion Resistant Microfiber used as the main material, when dirty the shoes are super easy to wipe clean without staining (as long as they are cleaned fairly soon-ish). So despite showing the dirt and dust quite obviously, an easy-clean material keeps the Dusty Pink color scheme fresh.

The main concern I had before ordering these shoes was what size to choose. The website provides a good deal of information on sizing and suggests sizing up by a half size if you are in between EU sizes (eg, if you measure 39.5 EU, size up to a 40 EU). I ride in a size 40 for this reason and have found they are quite spacious (rare for someone with wide feet). I don't think I have the wrong size, but one thing to note if you have thin feet is that the front of the shoe is wide, unlike brands like Specialized that have a tight-fitting front of foot. Luckily a free 30-day returns system is in place as well as many helpful articles and videos from Quoc on its website.

Heel view of QUOC Gran Tourer XC shoe

There is a nature-inspired reflective design on the heel for late night riding (Image credit: Amy Perryman)


For a brand on the rise, I think Quoc has really made a statement with this collection of shoes, specifically the Gran Tourer XC shoe. A trustworthy option whether you're using it for long distance or an intense interval session, it is ready for it all. Providing style, comfort and ease of use, I think I will be wearing these shoes for a few years to come. Although a controversial color choice for off-roading, it’s unmistakably Quoc, and there are two other colors if it’s not for you. 

Tech specs: Quoc Gran Tourer XC 

  • Price: $310 / £240 / €275
  • Color: Dusty Pink / Charcoal / Black
  • Retention: Quoc Dual-Dial system
  • Weight: 650g size 40 (with SPDs)
  • Sizes: EU 38-47
  • Available from: Quoc.cc
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