Scott Argo Plus review

Scott’s Argo Plus helmet is designed to pack in all the safety and styling you need without paying for the extras you don’t

Scott Argo Plus review
(Image: © Guy Kesteven)

BikePerfect Verdict

Scott’s Argo Plus offers enhanced MIPS protection, reasonable ventilation and fresh styling at a low weight and price. Exposed foam needs TLC though


  • +

    Full MIPS protection

  • +

    Low weight

  • +

    Great price

  • +

    Secure, easy-adjust fit

  • +

    Decent ventilation

  • +

    Extended hardshell wrap rear

  • +

    Rim anchor straps

  • +

    Loads of colors

  • +

    Good glasses storage


  • -

    Only two sizes

  • -

    Unprotected sections

  • -

    Decorative peak

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Scott is totally honest about the Argo Plus being a down specced version of its best half-shell mountain bike helmet, the feature-packed Stego Plus. The Argo Plus is considerably cheaper and hasn’t skimped on safety or styling though so we reckon it’s great for the cash.

Design and aesthetics

Starting from the inside out the Argo has a tethered MIPS cradle to absorb rotational crash loads and reduce concussion-inducing effects on the brain. The three-piece padding set is segmented for easy trimming and while we thought the open foam cut was a cost compromise the $189.99 / £145 Stego Plus uses the same technique albeit with anti-bacterial padding. The rear cradle has three height positions and the small dial snugs up the neutral fit shape nicely. The open MIPS cradle gives clear flow through impressively high volume brow and crown vents for a helmet of this price, but there are only two rear ‘exhaust vents’. The lowered back of the helmet does get extended hardshell coverage to protect the foam that’s left exposed around the rest of the lower edge.

Unlike most cheap lids the straps are set into the lower edge of the helmet rather than dangling from inside which makes putting the lid on noticeably less faff. The Y buckles are adjustable and the strap secures with a simple snap buckle. There are nine different colors to choose from and the fixed position peak is color-matched to the shell for extra style points.

Exposed foam on the side of the Scott Argo Plus

Exposed foam does require you to be a little more careful to avoid damage (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)


By stripping out nonessential features and using less hard shell, Scott has kept the Argo Plus impressively light for a helmet with MIPS and extended rear coverage. All the testers who tried it were able to find a comfortable, stable fit quickly too. However, it only comes in two sizes to reduce costs so fit might not be as accurate if you’re at the extremes of skull scales.

Ventilation is decent too, particularly at lower speeds where the lack of rear vents to suck air through is less apparent. While there’s no rubberized goggle anchor on the back, the vents are arranged for a really secure ‘reverse cowgirl’ fit with glasses. 

As we’re increasingly seeing in modern helmets the peak is so high you can’t actually see it in your eye line though so you have to question whether it’s actually serving any purpose beyond decoration. Given the budget, it’s not adjustable either although it will snap off in a crash. 

Inside of the Scott Argo Plus

The MIPs liner doesn't impede the vents airflow (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)


If you’re okay with basic features and being careful with the exposed foam sections Scott’s Argo Plus has the same on-head feel and MIPS protection as many more expensive helmets. While the price is matched by other MIPS options it’s lightweight and well-styled too although yet again we feel the peak is just decorative.

Tech Specs: Scott Argo Plus

  • Price: $TBC / £74.99
  • Sizes: S/M, M/L
  • Rotational protection: MIPS
  • Colors: Dark moss green (tested), Matt black, White/black, Sand/biege, Fire orange, Stellar blue, Crystal pink, Mineral blue, White/light pink
  • Weight: 364g (M/L)
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