SQLab ONE10 gloves review – innovative fit and flap tech

Width fits and a pull out rain mitt cover make SQLab’s all-weather glove super versatile favorite of our expert testers

SQLab ONE10 glove
(Image: © GuyKesTV)

BikePerfect Verdict

Great fit and lots of tactile feedback makes for real riders gloves and they’re comfy through a really wide temp and weather range. Only for single finger brakers with plenty of cash though.


  • +

    Width fit options work great

  • +

    Good warmth/weight balance

  • +

    Clear unpadded control feedback

  • +

    Weather flap adds protection

  • +

    No padding

  • +

    Snug wrists


  • -

    Flap only works for first finger brakers

  • -

    No padding or snot wipe

  • -


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SQLab are a German company who focus on innovative fit across their product range. These ONE10 all-weather gloves are comfortable, high control, super versatile all-rounders that work well as MTB gloves, gravel, commuting and road. The over-flap only works for first finger brakers though and the price is high.

SQ Lab ONE10 glove

There's a lot going on with SQLab's ONE10 glove but they fit and work great on the bike (Image credit: GuyKesTV)

Design and build

The SQLab ONE10 is made using a single piece, fleece backed polyester / spandex stretch upper that gets a separate thumb in the same material to create some 3D shape. The waterproof AX suede palm is all one-piece including the thumb though. There’s no padding or snot wipe but the ‘choke’ seam around thumb and finger reinforcing is overlapped to increase feel (they do it on Formula One gloves too) and add wear resistance. There’s a touch screen compatible tab on the first finger and thumb too. There’s also a neoprene panel under the long cuff with a Velcro tab to close it snugly. The upper cuff has a bias cut stuff pocket for the lightweight rain mitt that you can pull out to fight the worst weather. That’s split into a three-finger pocket with just the first finger separated. You get a big reflective SQLab logo across the back of it too.

While the ‘foul weather flap’ design isn’t unique, SQLab's simple but brilliant idea of offering both slim and wide options of the five different sizes is a new one on us.

SQ Lab ONE10 glove

SQLab dealers should have a fit scanner on a tablet app to guarantee you get the perfect fit (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


Those options are a big deal if you normally struggle with glove fit. There’s an accurate cut out sizing guide you can download from the SQLab website, but SQLab dealers should have a fit scanner on a tablet app. After an entire life of having to get XL gloves to fit my badger width paws and then putting up with flappy finger ends having a glove that fits perfectly in terms of width and length is wonderful. There’s plenty of stretch in the upper and lack of palm padding gives a ‘naked’ feel for maximum control. 

While water will trickle through the seams both upper and lower are waterproof even before you pull the cover over so they’re generally just damp rather than sopping. The fleece backing means they stay surprisingly warm even in heavy showers and the snug extended neoprene cuff noticeably boosts cosiness.

While comfort points are obviously personal that’s been enough to keep me comfy down towards zero in the dry and down to 5 or 6 degrees C in the wet. They also dry quickly afterwards so they’re not too grim to use for a morning ride if you just chuck them on the floor wet in a hurry to get a shower after a night ride. That also makes them good for daily commuting and bikepacking use.

Pull the flap over and you get immediately noticeable extra protection if temps really take a dive or the weather gets persistent. Pulling the flap out does bundle three fingers into one section, with just your first finger and thumb in the open. That’s totally fine if that’s your braking vibe, but if you’re a two finger or second finger braker it’s going to feel really awkward until you adjust.

A lack of padding will obviously put some folk off and there’s no snot wipe if you like swiping left or right while riding. On that subject, the touchscreen tabs work a lot better than most I’ve tried, although the square finger ends make them a bit clumsy.

Apart from a tear in the outer (not right through) on one knuckle from a thorn bush, they’ve lasted really well, which is a relief after I pulled the cuffs off both sets of summer SQLab gloves I’ve got in a couple of rides.

SQ-Lab ONE10 glove palm

The palm is pad free but the waterproof suede is grippy for undiluted bike control  (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


Winter gloves always have to compromise between warmth and excess bulk, but these SQLab ONE10 gloves have been keeping me super comfy in all sorts of single digit weather since I got them in spring. Width options mean they genuinely fit like a glove and they’re really tactile and high control on the bike too.

The 1+3 finger split on the pull over mitt will be a non-negotiable for some though and they’re not cheap either.

SQ-Lab ONE10 glove cover

The waterproof cover and long cuff add extra protection and warmth but divide digits for braking (Image credit: GuyKesTV)

Tech specs: SQLab ONE10 gloves

  • Price: $79.99 / £64.95 / €69.95 
  • Sizes: Wide and Slim in S-XL
  • Options: Black with reflective back only
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