Syncros Guide Kit Multi Tool review – comprehensive compact wrenching roll

Syncros’ trail tool burrito packs a lot of tools into a compact roll, but how does it compare to similar designs?

Syncros Guide tool kit hero
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Bike Perfect Verdict

A comprehensive yet compact tool wrap with a useful torque limiter. It's set up for tubes not tubeless, though, and very expensive.


  • +

    Much more comprehensive than a socket set

  • +

    Top quality tools

  • +

    Torque wrench insert

  • +

    Neat package


  • -


  • -

    No 10mm

  • -

    No tubeless tools

  • -

    No extender bar

  • -

    Slower to use than ‘penknife’ style

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Syncros are the latest brand to enter the wrap-style best multi-tool wars. Their Guide Kit is a really comprehensive burrito of most of the tools you’ll need, with a bonus torque clutch to save your bolts. It won’t reach all spots or boost leverage, though, and it’s loaded for tubed rather than tubeless riders. 

Syncros Guide tool kit

A place for everything and everything in its place  (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


The Syncros Guide Kit uses a tough weatherproof roll with magnetic studs embedded into the plastic spine clip for the main ratchet bar. Elastic holders organise the Hex and Torx bits, the two short tire levers, the separate chain tool and the quick stick puncture patches. The separate chain tool includes Mavic and conventional spoke nipple wrenches, too, as well as a magnetic holder for a split chain link.

There’s a bungee cord for attaching to a key clip and an elastic strap to keep the whole roll tight.

Syncros Guide tool kit wrap

The wrap is a really neat package once it's rolled and strapped (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


The wrap keeps things quiet and compact and also stops dirt getting in or tools falling out. In that respect it’s noticeably better than the Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite kit that launched the whole mini socket set category. It also includes the 5Nm torque limiter adaptor that’s sold for £21.99 separately in the Topeak kit. That means you don’t have to sacrifice tightening accuracy or bolt safety by guessing what load you’re applying. In theory that could save you from overtightening in the heat of a race. The whole unwrap, pick a bit, plug it in and then go process is slower than a ‘penknife’-style tool. That means it’s better suited for more relaxed trailside – not trackside –repairs. If you’ve got the time, though, the ratchet and tool quality gives it a really nice feel when everything is plugged together. The chain tool needs a firm grip if the rivet is stiff but works really smoothly with 12-, 11- and 10-speed chains. The interlocking tire levers are stiff enough to persuade awkward tubeless tire on and off. If you are running tubes then it’s nice to have the patches handy too.

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While you can put bits into the base of the ratchet for reaching into awkward spots there’s no extension bar to add extra leverage for tightening pedals/cranks. There’s no 10mm for crank bolts, either. And unless you’re one of the people still running inner tubes you’ll need to add one of our best tubeless tool sets to fully complete the kit too.

Syncros Guide tool in hand

(Image credit: GuyKesTV)


The Syncros Guide Kit Multi Tool is a really neatly designed and executed compact tool roll with a really comprehensive parts pick including a useful torque limiter. Compared to its obvious competitor – the Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite kit – it’s over twice the price and lacks the extender bar that really expands the usability of the mini ratchet set format. You’ll still have to add a tubeless repair kit and a 10mm socket if you need them, too. 

Syncros Guide tool spare bits

You get a 12-speed chain tool, six quick stick patches, sandpaper and a pair of tire levers too (Image credit: GuyKesTV)

Tech specs: Syncros Guide Kit Multi Tool 

  • Price: £69.99 / €74.90
  • Weight: 212g (including roll)
  • Tools: Hex 3/4/5/6/8mm, Torx T15/25/30, 5Nm Torque limiter, 12S Chain tool, spoke keys, 2x tire lever, 6x instant tube/tire patches, spare link holder
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