Syncros Wrench 2.0 Torque review

Is Syncros’ torque wrench just the ticket for accurate tightening of your bolts and bits?

Syncros Wrench 2.0 Torque review
(Image: © Guy Kesteven)

Bike Perfect Verdict

Solid, accurate and easy to set torque wrench with most of the bits you need at a decent price


  • +

    Excellent torque range

  • +

    Easy fine graded setting

  • +

    All metal construction

  • +

    Comprehensive bit selection

  • +

    Extender bar

  • +

    Reasonable price


  • -

    You’ll need to add 2 and 2.5mm hex bits if you want them

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Threading bolts into lightweight alloy or carbon parts needs carefully calibrated tightening to tread the damage/slippage line. Syncros Wrench 2.0 Torque takes the guesswork and gambling out of working on your bike and has most of the bits you need and packs it into a tough, handy case.

Design and performance

The all-metal construction with an anodized alloy handle and adjuster collar gives the wrench a really solid, quality feel. The full unit itself measures 220mm in length and weighs in at 265g. Syncros peg the wrench's accuracy at ±4 percent. The ratchet head is dual directional, and there’s a 75mm extension rod for deep-set bolts as well as a standard short socket. 

The wrench comes in a plastic case that also houses the nine included tools, which can accommodate most bike bolts from bottle cages and stems through to chainrings, pedals and cranks. You'll get T20, T25, and T30 as well as 3,4,5,6,8, and 10 Hex bits. 

Torque wrenches that can be set to the low levels that bike parts require are hard to find, so it’s great to see that the Syncros wrench runs from 2-24Nm. The torque is really easy to set with the pull-up collar locking you into 0.2Nm steps, and it comes with a certificate of calibration for extra peace of mind.

So far, the wrench has been handling a heavy Bike Perfect northern workshop workload with no complaints. 


Syncros’s Wrench 2.0 Torque driver covers all the bit and accurately adjustable tension options you’ll need for most of your bike, with a quality user feel at a decent price. It’s worth noting that while Giant offers a very similar tool for £10 less, it has 2 and 2.5mm hex bits rather than 8 and 10mm so you’ll need to work out which you need most. Other cheaper sets often have plastic handles/adjusters which tend to not last well in a hard-working environment, and the setting mechanisms can be much vaguer.

Tech specs: Syncros Wrench 2.0 Torque 

  • Price: £69.99
  • Weight: 265g (wrench) 556g (cased set)
  • Torque range: 2-24Nm
  • Bits: T20, T25, T30 Torx, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm Hex
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