Tifosi Sledge review – versatile glasses for all light conditions

Good looking specs with three included lenses and a bargain price

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BikePerfect Verdict

Quality riding glasses with three interchangeable lenses that cover every light condition. They come with a very reasonable price tag too.


  • +

    Good field of vision

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    Three lenses included

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    Comfortable yet secure fit

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    Hard and soft cases included

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    No helmet compatibility issues


  • -

    Fogging issues

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You want riding glasses that won't break the bank with a lens for every occasion

US brand Tifosi makes a massive range of sun, sports, and safety glasses that cover everything from golf to erm, pickleball. There are a ton of options to choose from its cycling range and the Sledge tested here are one of the brand's best sunglasses for MTB.

A set of glasses and accessories on the ground

With three lenses and two cases, the Sledge offers a lot for a very reasonable amount of your regional currency (Image credit: Andy Lloyd)

Design and specifications

The full framed Sledge glasses I was testing came with three lenses (Clear, AC Red, and Smoke) covering a range of light conditions from night riding to full sun. Though other Sledge models come with different lens options. The lenses have cutaways in the upper edge to aid ventilation and are pretty straightforward to pop in and out of the frame. The frames are made using Grilamid TR-90 – a polycarbonate known for stress and weathering resistance – with a rubberized section running from mid-way down the arms to the tips.

The frames measure 144mm wide by 59mm deep, while the arms measure 120 from the edge of the frame to the tip. The frames and a single lens weigh in at 38g.

A pair of riding glasses on a pile of pebbles

The red tinted lens was my go-to for general riding conditions (Image credit: Rich Owen)


I've ridden wearing the Sledge glasses in all kinds of light conditions, all weathers, temperatures ranging from freezing to baking, and on a number of different bike types. The three lenses supplied basically have you covered for every light condition, but I mostly used the clear lens (for night rides and dark winter days) and the AC Red for pretty much everything else. The red lens did an excellent job of removing harsh light without darkening my vision and was ideal for mixed conditions where I was riding in and out of wooded sections – where the darker Smoke lens proved to be too much.

The glasses stayed in place well without causing any tightness on the sides of my head from the arms like some models can. The Sledge specs also played nicely with all the MTB helmets I tried, even the ones with a deeper fit that have had compatibility issues with some other models I've tested.

The only negative for me is that they were prone to misting up more than most from sweat when slowing and stopping This was probably down to the full frames sitting very close to my cheekbones and eye sockets which left little room for ventilation from below. However, the close fit also meant that trail debris getting behind the lens was an extremely rare event – even in properly filthy winter conditions where mud and roost were flying everywhere.

A pair of mirrored glasses on a pile of pebbles

The slightly mirrored Smoke lens is good for bright, open conditions  (Image credit: Rich Owen)


In terms of value, the Sledge sunglasses are very hard to beat. They look good, are tough and comfortable, and work well in every light condition. The propensity to fog up when working hard at slower speeds – particularly in the cold – isn't ideal, but it could be sorted by pulling the glasses away from my face a little. Overall, the fogging isn't a deal breaker for me though and I'd still highly recommend the glasses given everything else they offer and their maximum-bangs-per-buck price tag.

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Lens performanceDecent quality but let down by fogging★★★
Fit and comfortLight feel and no noticeable pressure from the arms★★★★★
ValueExceptional value for a three-lens package★★★★★

Tech specs: Tifosi Sledge sunglasses

  • Price: $79.95 / £69.99
  • Frame colors: Black, White
  • Included lenses: Smoke / AC Red / Clear
  • Weight: 38g (frame and single lens)
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