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Vittoria Martello TLR Enduro tyre review

Originally a downhill tyre, Vittoria's Martello tyre now targets the enduro market but how does it perform at its new duties?

Vittoria Martello Enduro tyre
(Image: © Guy Kesteven)

Our Verdict

Vittoria’s Martello Enduro is a block tread, hi-tech multi-compound monster designed to survive on the toughest trails. Its weight means it only comes alive with gravity or a motor behind it though


  • Relatively fast rolling and durable graphene compound
  • Predictable grip in most conditions
  • Tough, stable, easy-to-inflate double-skin carcass


  • Excessively heavy for an ‘enduro’ tyre
  • Numb ride feel on lighter bikes

The Vittoria Martello TLR Enduro is based on the same 120TPI nylon carcass as the Trail tyres but uses a double wall throughout for maximum burst and tear protection. There’s a teardrop-shaped APF (Anti Pinch Flat) belt sitting just above the bead too, stabilising the tyre at low pressures and helping keep rocks off the rim if you bottom the tyre out.

The 4C compound uses different compounds throughout the construction of the tyre. A harder base with a softer rubber mix for the centre section and shoulder of the tyres. It’s also infused with Vitorria’s second-generation Graphene tech. This uses graphene particles to fill the spaces between the larger rubber molecules but it’s now ‘functionalised’ rather than just randomly mixed in. Vittoria is staying secretive about exactly how and in what manner this is done, but claims the gains in durability, speed and grip are even more impressive.


The slotted top, mid-sized square knob pattern is close enough to roll relatively quickly and quietly but it still cleans fast in muddy conditions. Spacing is even right over to the shoulders, but while the side lugs are well supported there’s no projection over the side of the carcass so it lets go earlier in bar drag or off-camber situations than a more ‘wrapped’ pattern. The tread is non-directional too so there’s a bit more stirring around in sloppy conditions than something more vectored but you can reverse it when the leading edges start to get worn. Otherwise, the quad compound is usefully surefooted and predictable. You can push the pace even on cold, wet mornings in the woods in a way that’s broadly comparable with an ‘Addix Soft’ compound Schwalbe or ‘Max Terra’ Maxxis.


The Graphene content definitely seems to increase longevity though as the sample tyres we’ve been working hard on an e-bike are still looking box fresh. There’s no sign of wear or stretch from the double sidewalls either and the reinforcing means they’re a lot more stable at low pressures than lighter Vittoria tyres we’ve used. At teen pressures the reinforcing does leave them slightly numb and clunky on a conventional bike and accelerating nearly 2500g of tyre weight on the flat is a big ask. That’s why they’ve ended up on an e-bike where the unsprung/sprung ratio masks the insensitivity much better, the motor negates the extra weight and the extra strength and stability helps when slamming through rocks. They’d work well in a gravity situation too, though you’ll definitely be burning more calories dragging these around on a long enduro kind of day. That makes the sub-kilo Trail TNT option more attractive for most riders especially as you still get the stabilising APF skirt for low-pressure survival.

Vittoria Martello Enduro tyre

Vittoria's Graphene 2.0 improves durability without sacrificing grip (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)

Tech Specs

  • Price: £59.99
  • Weight: 1235g (29x2.35)
  • Sizes:  27.5 x 2.35/2.6/2.8in 29 x 2.35in 
Guy Kesteven
Guy has been riding mountain bikes since before they were mountain bikes and is right handy on an offroad tandem (of course he is).