Wolf Tooth Encase System Bar Kit review – stealth storage multi-tool that’ll fit both your MTB and drop bar bike

These multi-tools cover all emergencies, hide in your handlebars and keep your bike looking uncluttered

Wolf Tooth Encase System Bar Kit tools being held in a hand
(Image: © James Blackwell)

Bike Perfect Verdict

If you want to carry all the essential tools needed for trail side repairs this tool could be the answer. Perfect for mountain bikers and drop bar riders.


  • +

    All the tools you’ll need

  • +

    Fits both mountain bike and drop bars

  • +

    Great chain breaker tool

  • +

    Safe, secure fit

  • +

    Tough bar end protection


  • -

    Bits can corrode over time

  • -

    A bit fiddly to use

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Carrying the essential tools needed for trail side repairs can be a weighty and cumbersome undertaking. There are plenty of ways to strap a tool to your frame, and bottle cage mounted tool systems like the superb Lezyne Ninja Master system are awesome. But if you like an uncluttered frame and clean lines, then the Wolf Tooth Encase System Bar kit could be for you. Covering everything you’d need in an emergency, the tools stow in the end of your handlebars and fit both mountain bike and drop bar bikes.

Close up photo of the scraped-up aluminum bar ends caps

The aluminum bar end caps have taken an absolute beating, saving my bars many times (Image credit: James Blackwell)

Design and specifications

The Encase System Bar Kit One includes all the tools you’ll need to tweak, tighten and repair out on the trail, all housed in flexible storage sleeves that slip into your bars ends. They fit both carbon and aluminum mountain bike and drop bars with a minimum internal bar diameter of 17.5mm and are finished off with machined T6 aluminum bar end caps for your bars protection. 

One side houses a chain breaker tool which is compatible with all speeds of chain, and a tire plug tool and five tire plugs which are hidden in the handle. There’s also bonus space for a master link inside both of the aluminum end caps. 

Close up of the two tools inside their rubber sheaths

The rubber sheaths can be cut down to size to fit your bars, they’re also flexible to fit drop bars too (Image credit: James Blackwell)

A 14-function hex bit wrench with swivel head fits inside the other side. This includes Hex: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm, Torx: T10, T25, T30, a spoke wrench, valve core wrench, flat head and phillips bits all made from Crv steel. They are all magnetized and kept in place in the neatly machined T6 aluminum body with rubber O-rings.

The rubber storage sleeves have a flap that can be trimmed down to size to provide a snug fit in your bars. And this also acts as a vibration dampener to keep the tools rattle free. Perfect for maximizing space on your bike and carrying all the essential tools you’ll need.

Close up photo of master links,stashed inside the end of the rubber sheath

I love the fact you can stash lifesaving master links behind the end caps (Image credit: James Blackwell)


I’ve been using these tools for well over a year and I swap use between my mountain bikes and gravel bikes. Fitting was easy with a little trimming of the flaps with a sharp Stanley knife to gain a snug and secure fit. I’ve fitted these inside a number of different carbon and aluminum bars from Renthal, One-Up, Bergtec and Salsa Cowbell drop bars with no issues.

Photo of the chain breaker tool and Hex tool

Use the Hex wrench and the 4mm bit to make use of the chain breaker (Image credit: James Blackwell)

As much as I love these tools and use them on most of my bikes, it did take a while to get used to using the hex wrench. Removing the small bits from the magnetized body is a little tricky. They're sometimes hard to pry out of their respective places in the body. It can also take a while to get used to locating the right bit, and even after tons of practice, it can still be fiddly and test my patience. That said, it’s worth taking the time to preserve for sheer convenience. 

In use, the bits of the hex tool stay firmly in place never dropping from the body and the tool is robust. As I mentioned, I’ve been using the tool for a long time and it’s still going strong, after a winter’s use though, the hex bits have picked up some signs of corrosion from getting wet and muddy.  

The tire plug tool and tire strips

The tire plug tool is a cracking little addition and it’s cool that it's also got a set of worms too (Image credit: James Blackwell)

The chain breaker tool has saved me on a number of rides, it’s easy to use and requires the 4mm hex bit to be used in the hex bit wrench. The tire plug tool is a great addition, as are the included works, and I love the fact there is room to stash master links.

The bar end caps have taken an absolute battering as you’ll see from the photos, but both tools still slide out with a nice firm tug. I’ve never lost one either, so it’s fit and forget. The rubber storage sleeves do a sterling job of cutting out any rattling inside the bar. I wouldn’t ride without them.

Photo showing all of the tools laid out on a log

All that hidden in your bars. I wouldn’t ride without them (Image credit: James Blackwell)


These are my go-to tools. They’re tough and robust, but not immune to a bit or corrosion to the bits. If I had an incompatible handlebar, I’d actually consider changing it in favor of a model that fits these tools as I rate them so highly. But they will take some time to get used to and can still be tricky at times. A very worthwhile investment that will fit most mountain bike or drop bar handlebars.

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The Lowdown – Wolf Tooth Encase System Bar Kit
PerformanceA bit tricky to use but tough and precise★★★★
ToolsEverything you need, nothing you don’t★★★★★
ConvenienceA no brainer if they fit your bars★★★★
Value for moneyWorth every penny in my book★★★★★

Tech specs: Wolf Tooth Encase System Bar Kit

Price: $119.95 / £110 / €130

Tools:  14 functions hex bit wrench tool: spoke wrench, valve core wrench, flat head, Phillips, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm hex; and T10, T25, and T30 Torx compatible, chain and tire plug multitool

Materials: T6 Aluminum body, Crv steel bits

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