Janine Begley

Janine Begley

Freelance writer

Janine has always had a deep love of bikes which stemmed from BMX and now focuses on MTB. She jumped back into her passion of riding bikes wholeheartedly in the summer of 2021 and has been frequenting bike parks and trail centers as much as possible since then. She is happy to attack all kinds of trails but her heart lies with air time on flow and jump lines. With wishing she had more confidence when younger to do more within the BMX scene that she grew up immersed in, she has found now that fear has left the building and demonstrates a serious ‘it’s now or never’ attitude to her riding.

In being one of the few ‘socially visible’ women of color riding MTB, it is her aim to inspire and show members of minority groups what could be possible and is actively looking for ways to make trail and park riding more accessible to these communities. She is taking part in the girlsonwheelspodcast.co.uk podcasts to help raise awareness and open the conversation up further to the barriers women and people of color might face in entering the sport.

She is on the committee of a brand new bike park currently being built in North Devon and is enjoying spending time with the team in going through all the necessary motions of making it happen from taking on the licence with others for the use of private woodland for the park to council engagement, planning, membership recruitment, secretarial duties and trail building. Janine believes that the best results in any pursuit are achieved when they are truly driven by the heart and soul and this is the exact place that she lives from with all things MTB related. She lives in North Devon with her husband, two daughters, a dog and a cat.

Rides: Airdrop Edit 2022 and DMR Sect 2021

Height: 5ft 9in (175cm)

Weight: 9st (57.2kg)

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