Leatt Women's MTB Gravity 4.0 Pant review – comfort, style and hidden features

Do these gravity-focused, female-orientated MTB pants stand up to everything the trails have to throw at them?

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Bike Perfect Verdict

Leatt has created an excellent pair of trail pants that cater to the needs of the female rider. They have many beneficial aspects and it’s clear that much thought has gone into the best use of materials, fastenings and finishings. They’re on the pricier side for MTB trousers, but are worth the extra investment.


  • +

    Soft, waterproof, windproof and stretch fabric

  • +

    Perfectly sized pre-shaped knee pad shape

  • +

    Proportioned well for the female form

  • +

    Soft lined phone pocket

  • +

    Waterproof and breathable laminated seat lining


  • -

    Standard leg length only

  • -

    Would have liked a zip fastening for ease of removal on the ankle/calf

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Leatt is well known for excellent quality and rider-tested MTB clothing and these pants have earned their place in our Best MTB Pants. It launched women’s specific clothing back in 2019 and it’s great to see a wider and well-thought-out range. The quality and choice of fabric, ventilation, waterproof areas and hidden extras are all needed and useful to the rider. The fact that they are flattering and shaped for the female body is a big plus point as gone are the days of downsized men’s clothing being good enough for those requiring comfort, style and fit. 

A rider astride a mountain bike

Made from a polyester-spandex fabric and shaped for the female body, the Gravity pants are comfortable and flexible (Image credit: @my_reasons.to.smile)

Design and Specifications

The Gravity 4.0 Pant is made predominantly from polyester with the inclusion of spandex which provides the rider with much needed ease of movement and flexibility for riding in varied conditions and styles. From the waist down the features are well executed from the moto-style buckle for an adjustable and secure fastening to the gel strip on the the inside of the rear waistband to keep them in place or to avoid jerseys tucked in from escaping. There is a soft lined phone pocket at the top of the rear waistband also which is a very handy and well-placed extra. It helps in giving those who like to ride with a phone on them somewhere out of the way to store it. 

There are two well-proportioned hip pockets with water-resistant zip fastenings and rubber zip pulls and one of these has an elastic key loop. 

Inside the pants there's a three-layer waterproof breathable laminated seat panel which provides great protection from mud splatter being sprayed up by your tires and also for staying dry whilst being seated on often soggy uplift rides.  

In terms of the fabric overall and its construction, the multi-row stitching ensures season's worth of riding wear and a MoistureCool mesh lining helps retain warmth going in colder conditions and wicks away extra moisture during those warmer days on the bike. Lazer cut ventilation holes also provide added comfort and breathability around the base of the back and the areas of the thigh most likely to sweat. 

The pre-curved fit around the knee gave me extra room for that much needed pad protection underneath with my 100% TERATEC knee guards but not so much that they look too baggy without – not that I’m brave enough to ride in that way. The inside of the knee area is lined with the three-layer waterproof laminate fabric and the shin brush guards are a welcome addition. They taper well to the ankle but one aspect that could have topped things off here would have been to include an ankle zip for easier removal after a ride. 

Detail of the back of a pair of MTB riding pants

There's a handy lined phone pocket at the top of the rear waistband (Image credit: @my_reasons.to.smile)


I have really enjoyed riding in these pants and they have withstood everything I have thrown at them. They are by far the most comfortable that I have ridden in so far and also the best fitting in terms of female shape. With the Commit Coffindodger pants that I have worn on particularly cold days, I have often felt the need to wear a thermal layer underneath, but the Leatt Gravity 4.0 Pants are windproof and have kept me warm enough. The water resistance is enough to keep you dry in fairly rainy conditions, but I expect that they would let some water through in heavy downpour as the seams aren’t taped. I am fairly tall at 5ft 9in and tend to buy a longer leg length where available in general women's clothing but this is not something I ever seem to be able to find in MTB brands. The Leatt pants are long enough, just, but it would be a great to be able to have a pants with a leg length option that would fit perfectly. 

They wash really well after being put through their riding paces and the waterproof lining has so far not been affected as perhaps I thought it might be, which was a lovely surprise.  

Detail of a rider's legs when astride a mountain bike

The pre-curved fit at the knee is roomy enough for gravity orientated pads  (Image credit: @my_reasons.to.smile)


For the money, the Leatt Women's Gravity 4.0 pant is a great investment. I wouldn’t go back to wearing a pant designed for men now as the fit and attention to detail is pretty much spot on. The waterproof, breathable seat liner is a game changer as it eliminates that cold rear discomfort that a longer day on the bike can give you on rainy or damp days which means more riding!

Tech specs: Leatt Women's MTB Gravity 4.0 Pant 

  • Price: $149.99 / £149.99 / €129.00
  • Materials: 95% Polyester 5% Elastane (Spandex)
  • Sizes: X Small: 60-63 cm, Small: 63-66 cm (tested), Medium: 67-71 cm, Large: 72-76 cm, X Large: 77-81 cm
  • Colors: Black, Lava
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