Red Bull Foxhunt – a downhill mountain bike event with a twist

Gee Atherton at Red Bull Foxhunt
Gee Atherton chasing down riders (Image credit: Seb Marko)

The chase was officially on at Ireland’s fastest downhill mountain bike challenge. The Red Bull Foxhunt sold out its seventh Irish edition in under four hours. This unique event is in demand.

Held in the heart of the Dromara Hills in County Down. Slieve Croob hosted a weekend of epic biking on Saturday, October 15, and Sunday, October 16. The format of Red Bull Foxhunt is easy, but the riding is not! It's tough and unforgiving but lots of fun!

From decorated pros to weekend warriors, the hunted blasted through an unforgiving downhill course, reaching crazy speeds in an attempt to escape the foxes. Winding through forest trails and hair-raising sprints. Each adrenaline-pumped biker tirelessly battled to cross the finish line before the advancing foxes.

Red Bull athletes and world-leading downhill mountain bikers, Gee Atherton and Greg Callaghan challenged the 300 riders from across Ireland and beyond to a downhill race like no other.

Mass start of Red Bull Foxhunt

The mass start at Redbull Foxhunt (Image credit: Seb Marko)

The Red Bull Foxhunt is a light-hearted twist on the controversial pastime of fox-hunting - with the traditional roles reversed. The Foxes, Atherton and Callaghan would chase down the hunt in a downhill cross-country mountain bike race.  With a mass start for the hunt before the foxes started shortly after. 

Drone shot of Red Bull Foxhunt

(Image credit: Seb Marko)

Dubliner Greg Callaghan is Ireland’s Number One downhill mountain bike rider and has earned himself a place among the world’s top riders following a third-place finish in the 2017 Enduro World Series. Greg has his sights set on becoming the first Irish rider to win the EWS.

Gee Atherton is a multiple World Champion and World Cup Winner and UK National Champion – one of the greatest riders of his generation and not one to shy away from a challenge, his series of incredible heart-in-mouth films have received millions of views on YouTube.

Gee made his return to competitive riding at Red Bull Hardline earlier this year. Making an incredible recovery from what he described as the biggest crash of his career. He finished in fifth place at Hardline after breaking over 11 bones in a huge spill while filming his film 'The Knife Edge'. He was excited to be involved in this unique event and rode the Atherton Bikes AM.150.1

Gee Atherton at Red Bull Foxhunt

Gee claiming riders at Redbull Foxhunt (Image credit: Seb Marko)

"This has to be one of the wildest races in the world! With 300 Irishman charging down the mountain, it'll be absolute carnage as Greg and I try and catch as many as possible. It’s been a few years since this event last happened, it’s back and wilder than ever. I'm stoked to be involved!" said Gee.

Gee Atherton, Greg Callaghan and Redbull Foxhunt podium

Gee Atherton, Greg Callaghan and Redbull Foxhunt podium (Image credit: Seb Marko)

Irishman Greg Callaghan with the extra motivation of catching his countrymen, crossed the line with only four riders making it home before him. 

"Foxhunt has to be one of the wildest and fun races out there! It was complete mayhem from start to finish! Starting at the back of the pack and trying to get the front is such a buzz. The new course made for a class mass start with plenty of room for overtaking. I can't wait to get another crack at it next year!"

Red Bull Foxhunt riders group shot

Happy riders! (Image credit: Seb Marko)

Kelan Grant was the first male rider to cross the line, with the winner of the last three running's, Colin Ross 2nd and Glyn O’Brian rounding out the podium in 3rd. Roisin Hickey was the first female rider.

Red Bull Foxhunt winner Kelan Grant

Red Bull Foxhunt winner Kelan Grant (Image credit: Seb Marko)

You can watch Gee Atherton's POV footage at We can't wait for the next one! 

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