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Best mountain bike phone mounts: Mounting solutions for rough rides

Quad lock best mountain bike phone mount
(Image credit: Quad Lock)

We live in a connected world and we are never far from our phones, so it's no surprise that there's a huge demand for the best mountain bike phone mounts. Even on a ride through beautiful landscapes, modern cyclists rely on access to their phones, whether it's for music, navigation, Strava, or pacing. 

For those seeking the best mountain bike phone mount, one of the most important considerations is making sure you still have your phone at the end of the ride. Making your phone accessible means putting a very expensive, very important device in some danger. You want to make sure you've got something that is going to keep it safe and secure while also usable. 

We've done the research to provide you with what we think are the best options. Keep reading to see our picks, or jump down below for how to choose the best mountain bike phone mount.

The best mountain bike phone mounts

Quad Lock bike Fit

(Image credit: Quadlock)

Quad Lock bike Fit

The most well known and widely used option available

Rotatable: Yes | Requires a specific case: No but they are available | Compatibility: Cases are available for Huawai, Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, Apple, or universal mount | Price: $39.95 / £29.95 without a case

Tons of available accessories
Solid quarter-turn mounting with a locking collar
Cases available but not necessary
Expensive for the whole system

Sometimes it's great to pick the small guy and find a solution that's not well known. Other times, it makes sense to choose the most well-known and established option. If you feel like going with the tried and true, then Quadlock is the answer. It has a huge ecosystem of cases and mounts for every situation. It's easy to have different mounts in multiple locations and move your phone from spot to spot as needed. There are out-front mounts for road bikes and you can even choose to hang an action camera mount underneath it. Once you mount the phone in the location that works for you, it won't move unless you release the lock and rotate the phone to release it.  

Nite Ize Wraptor

(Image credit: Nite Ize)

Nite Ize Wraptor

A simple-and-inexpensive solution that still makes rotation easy

Rotatable: Yes | Requires a specific case: No | Compatibility: Universal | Price: $19.99 / £20.99

Easy to switch between portrait and landscape
Works with almost any phone with or without a case
Heavy phones can cause the mount to rotate on the handlebars

The whole point of mounting your smartphone to your mountain bike is about ease of use. You already have a great phone and case, and you just want to get it on your bike. One of the easiest ways to handle that is with a silicone grip case. These types of cases use silicone that stretches over the corners of your phone to secure it. In the case of the Nite Ize Wraptor, the attachment to the bike happens through an attached strap. With only one piece the whole unit is simple but there is also a rotating mechanism between the bike mount and the phone mount. The only downside is that sometimes the silicone bike mount can rotate with a heavy phone and a rough ride.  

Lifeproof Bike + Bar Mount

(Image credit: Lifeproof)

Lifeproof Bike + Bar Mount

Solid mounting and easy rotation without any special cases needed

Rotatable: Yes | Requires a specific case: No | Compatibility: Universal | Price: $39.99 / £26.29

No zip ties for mounting
Easy to switch between portrait and landscape
Magnetic attachment with multiple extra safety features
Secure mounting relies on adhesive

In some ways, the Lifeproof solution is reminiscent of the Quad Lock system. There are some important differences though that might make it a great alternative. Mounting to the bike happens with a latch system that is easy to remove and take with you if needed. Once the phone is in the mount it's easy to rotate for different views. The phone mounts to the bike using a magnetic connection that on its own is already secure and requires rotation to remove the phone. There is also an integrated lock. The connection to the phone itself does rely on an adhesive. So make sure you carefully follow the directions and be sure your case is secure to your phone.  

Schosche MagicMount Bike

(Image credit: Schosche)

Schosche MagicMount Bike

Magnets and straps make for a secure and universal option

Rotatable: Yes | Requires a specific case: No | Compatibility: Universal | Price: $22.47/£26.12

Both magnets and straps for extra security
Includes two different sizes of straps and magnetic plates
Works with any case you want to use
Zip tie mounting could damage the finish

Schosche makes a staggering array of accessories across a wide variety of product categories. Among those is a system called the MagicMount. The MagicMount system uses a magnetic plate that can be applied to either your phone case or directly to your phone itself - something that allows it to stick to a neodymium magnet mount. It also uses elastic bands that aid the magnet when rougher terrain and riding conditions come to fore.

SP Connect Mountain Bike Bundle With Universal Phone Case

(Image credit: SP Connect)

SP Connect Mountain Bike Bundle With Universal Phone Case

A dry-bag option that will keep your phone safe in the worst conditions

Rotatable: No | Requires a specific case: No but they are available | Compatibility: Cases are available for Huawai, Samsung, Apple, or universal mount | Price: $69.31 / £34.82

Comes with a variety of mounts included
Includes a bag for the phone
 Swapping orientation needs a hex wrench 

SP Connect works with a system that has you insert the phone in one orientation then rotate it to lock it. You can mount it so that it ends up in either portrait or landscape mode but it does require adjusting the mount to make a change. On the upside, the bike bundle includes a clamp- and stem mount so you can get it right where you want it. The kit also includes a handy weather cover. If your phone is not catered for in the SP Connect case range, the universal phone case (available in small or large) can be paired with a dry bag for comprehensive coverage and protection. 

Rokform Pro Series Phone Mount

(Image credit: Rokform)

Rokform Pro Series Phone Mount

Stem cap mounting with an included lanyard for backup

Rotatable: No | Requires a specific case: No but they are available | Compatibility: Cases are available for Samsung, Apple, or universal mount | Price: $69.31 / £34.82

Adjustable Height
Works even if you have a short stem

Both the SP Connect and the Quad Lock are somewhat similar but Rokform is a less complex solution. Instead of a locking mechanism, the attachment is a very elegant mechanical design. The shape on the mount lines up with the shape on the phone. Put them together and rotate to lock it with a combination of friction and shape. 

In terms of materials, Rokform uses machined aluminum instead of plastic composite. The use of machined aluminum can accommodate a longer shape that holds the phone in the same place no matter how long your stem is. If you have an Apple or Samsung phone you're pretty much covered, however, for everyone else, you'll need to grab the adhesive-backed universal mount. The mounts are a separate purchase.   

Topeak Omni RideCase DX with Bike Mount

(Image credit: Topeak)

Topeak Omni RideCase DX with Bike Mount

A mashup of the best ideas for mounting a phone to your stem

Rotatable: Yes | Requires a specific case: No | Compatibility: Works with 4.5in to 6.5in screen smartphones | Price: $59.95 / £39.99

Universal phone compatibility
Includes a stem mount and a top cap mount
Easy to remove your phone briefly
Interferes with some phone cameras

Sometimes there really are only so many solutions to a particular problem. Different companies have carved out their own solution for mounting a phone to a bike with variations on a few themes. For Topeak, that means a combination of the silicone gripper-style mounts and the top-cap mounts. The Omni RideCase DX mounts on the stem with an aluminum arm that brings the phone forward. At the end of the aluminum arm is a silicone mount that stretches over the edges of the phone. It's a clever way to make sure the connection to the bike is solid without needing a special case or depending on adhesives.  

Blackburn Local Plus Top Tube Bag

(Image credit: Blackburn)

Blackburn Local Plus Top Tube Bag

Security for your phone and extra storage while also making your phone easy to see

Rotatable: Yes | Requires a specific case: No | Compatibility: Works with 4.5in to 6.5in screen smartphones | Price: $29.99 / £19.75

Universal phone compatibility
Reflective hits
There’s storage for more than just your phone
Gets in the way when standing to climb
Doesn't fit larger phones

One of the safest ways to attach your phone to your bike is by way of the top tube. It's also a common place for a bag with food and supplies that need to be easy to reach. The obvious answer is to combine the two which Blackburn has done with its Local Plus Top Tube Bag. The clear panel above the phone keeps it protected but visible and still usable. It's not a design that plays nicely with phones bigger than an iPhone 6, so make sure you check this before purchasing. You might also want to pass on this solution if you are someone who spends a large portion of riding time cranking watts out of the saddle as the bag can get in your way.   

How to choose the best mountain bike phone mount

Is a full bike computer worth the stretch?

We all spend time in the world with an incredible amount of computing power in our pockets. It only makes sense that you'd rather use that mini-computer you already paid for, and occasionally make a phone call with, instead of a bike computer. There are some excellent options for making that system work. It's not the perfect solution though. The best MTB GPS computers are, in many ways, less powerful than modern smartphones but they are specifically designed to perform on the bike. If you'd rather not spend the money on a single-use device then grab one of these excellent mounting options. It's worth considering though if it might be worth a bit of a stretch to get a specialty solution especially if you plan on doing long rides.

What’s the best place to mount your phone?

Typical mounting for bikes puts your display out in front of your handlebars. That makes for an easy sightline. It's especially true with the typical road bike position and it's best left to road bikes. For riding off-road, you will want to avoid an out-front position. 

Crashes happen a lot more frequently when riding trails. If you crash your bike then an out-front position is a much more vulnerable spot for your phone. Instead, look for a mount that keeps the phone closer to your body and protected by the handlebars. Above the stem is an ideal location.  

When positioned closer to the rider's body a screen is more difficult to see in a road-specific aero position. Mountain bikes, and gravel bikes, put the rider in a more upright position. It's better for stability over rough terrain but it also makes it easier to see a screen that's closer. 

Do I need a new case?

Don't forget to consider your case solution when thinking about how to mount your phone. There are mounting options that use a special case and there are mounting options that are more universal. The advantage of a special case is that it's a more elegant and secure solution. The disadvantage is that you have to use a case you may not want to. If you have a case you love, or a phone not made by Apple or Samsung, then it might be worth using a universal mount. 

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