Endura launches into the US with brand new MTB helmets

Outside facade of Endura HQ in Livingston, Scotland
(Image credit: Paul Brett)

Scottish brand Endura has been around since 1993, from the first prototypes made on a kitchen table in Edinburgh the brand has always aimed to be at the forefront of developing innovative, bombproof kit able to cope with the rigors of all genres of riding. From the best mountain bike helmets to gravel clothing to MTB protection, and clothing, Endura has continued to embrace the challenges of the current cycling climate with game-changing products.

I recently had an invite to the Endura HQ in Livingston, just a short drive from Edinburgh to have a tour of the facility, meet up with product designers to find out about the host of new Endura products, and even enjoy the banter from the lovely ladies on the factory floor who are busy stitching together the vast range Endura clothing.

The 'Project Heid' campaign helmets at Endura HQ that highlights the injurys that can be caused by not wearing a helmet

The thought provoking 'Project Heid" campaign helmets on display at Endura HQ (Image credit: Paul Brett)

On arrival, I was met up with Katrin McDonald, Global PR Manager at Endura who has worked for the brand for almost fourteen years. Katrin first showed us the Endura display of their 'Project Heid' campaign the brand had launched a few weeks before, which was created in partnership with the Brain Charity to promote Brain Awareness Week and highlights the potential consequences of riding a bike unprotected. Endura has created a one-of-a-kind range of four unique helmets, all featuring real-life CAT scans from patients that have suffered serious, life-threatening brain injuries in bike accidents, reading the catastrophic injuries that the four riders had suffered was certainly moving, and Katrin told me that the helmets would be actioned soon to raise much-needed funds for The Brain Charity.

Picture of Katrin McDonald head of global PR at Endura

Katrin McDonald, Head of Global PR at Endura (Image credit: Paul Brett)

Katrin and I then headed upstairs to meet Ian Young, Brand Category Manager who talked me through some of the new lead products launching for 2023. 

"We are launching a range of new helmets in the UK and Europe and we also are taking our new helmets into the US market for the first time, so it's an exciting time of growth for Endura. We have a full range of MIPS 'brain protection system' helmets including some of the best full-face helmets that cover all the downhill and enduro standards."

The MT500 MIPS helmet is an Endura brand classic and has received a five-star ranking from Virginia Tech test and it's worn by thousands of riders all over the world, including MTB legend Danny MacAskill. 

Ian Young Brand Category Manager at Endura

Ian Young, Brand Category Manager at Endura introduced some of the 2023 range  (Image credit: Paul Brett)

"The MT500 Full Face MIPS Helmet is MT500 MIPS’ bigger brother, with all the same technology but with full face protection. It’s so light, and we've added enhanced airflow that makes it one of the most breathable and lightweight full-face helmets on the market. Like the MT500 it has improved energy absorption with both including the Koroyd Core technology."

MIPS technology is a protective helmet liner that reduces rotational impact forces, and Koroyd Core technology is used in lightweight panels that give added protection around the side of the head – one of the most common areas to be impacted during a crash. The MT500 Full Face MIPS is priced at $299.99 / UK £219.99 / €279.99.

The new Endura MT500 full face helmet

The MT500 full face helmet is lightweight and breathable (Image credit: Paul Brett)

Ian then showed me the new SingleTrack Full Face Helmet that completed the trio of new helmets I saw.

"The SingleTrack Full Face is aimed to appeal to a wide range of riders, it has a sleek design with the Koroyd panels with increased head coverage, and also includes a new fit system, TPR molded goggle strap gripper and strap slider, and is available in a MIPS and non- MIPS version. It's still packed with safety features but at a lower price point than its MT500 sibling." 

Pricing for the MIPS SingleTrack is at $169.99 / £114.99 / €119.99.

"On helmets, the Virginia Tech rating on our MT500 helmets is huge for our step into the US market and it shows our continued commitment to rider safety."

The Endura SingleTrack full face MTB helmet in blue

SingleTrack Full Face is aimed to appeal to a wide range of riders (Image credit: Paul Brett)

The Scottish brand has also launched a host of new pieces that make clever use of D3O molecules which are soft, flexible inserts that are engineered to have high shock-absorbing properties. D3O molecules flow freely inside the various pieces that have it built in, allowing it to be soft and flexible, giving a comfortable feeling but on impact, lock together to dissipate impact energy and reduce force. Cleverly returning to its flexible state after impact. Endura say they have created highly effective protection products with never-need-to-take-them-off levels of comfort and Ian talked me through some of the Endura body protection.

the MT500 D3O Protector Vest from Endura

The very clever D30 molecules give all day comfort with maximum protection (Image credit: Paul Brett)

"We are upping our game on the protection front in 2023, our new FEAR.LESS campaign is highlighting the element of risk involved on the most memorable rides and shows riders that wearing Endura protection will allow them to enjoy their mountain biking more, knowing they are wearing the most advanced protective technology."

"The MT500 D3O Protector Vest aims to take the Endura protection collection to new levels, the D3O has removable back and chest inserts, so it's lightweight and breathable protection and still retains Level One protection certification. The flexible properties of D30 make this so comfortable, you can wear it all day, it even looks good enough to wear on the outside."

The MT500 Protector vest is priced at $179.99 / £89.99.

The SingleTrack Shin Guard sock

The SingleTrack Shin Guard sock protects from those nasty shin strikes (Image credit: Paul Brett)

"Also new for 2023 are the MT500 D3O Ghost Elbow Pad and MT500 D3O Shin Guard and Mt500 D30 Open Knee Pad The Ghost insert is aimed to give a “barely there” feel in a certified elbow pad, whilst the Shin Guard uses a D3O XT insert for low-bulk, but offers the all-important impact protection from painful shin hits. The SingleTrack Shin Guard sock is another great seller for us, even though it looks slightly unflattering, but you can wear our new MT500 light pants if you are feeling shy."

Pricing is $59.99 / £39.99 for the SingleTrack Shin Guard sock with the new MT500 D30 Ghost Elbow Pad $99.99 / £59.99 and the MT 500 D30 Shin Guard at $99.99 / £49.99.

Ian tells us that the Endura Product team has worked incredibly hard to ensure that fit and function are perfect as that’s as important as the insert’s protection levels. 

"One of our best sellers is the MT500 Knee Pad as more riders than ever opt to ride with protection, the MT500 D3O Open Knee Pad joins an extensive line-up giving unrivaled protection for the most aggressive trail and downhill riders."

The D30 Open Knee Guard at $109.99 / £79.99.

Ian then made his leave inviting me back to join him for a ride soon, although hearing about his various crashes and run-ins with packs of bull terriers, I'll need to be kitted out in the full Endura protection range. 

The MT500 and SingleTrack full face helmets side by side

Endura takes their helmets to the US market for the first time (Image credit: Paul Brett)

After a tour around the production facility at Endura HQ that included some great chat with the ladies on the sewing factory floor, and seeing the Endura custom kit operation, I thanked Katrin for her time and a very interesting and informative tour was concluded. The vast array of Endura products can be found at enduraport.com.

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