As the Amazon Prime Day sales week begins, Garmin drops a host of updates on the Edge 1040

Details on the Garmin Edge 1040
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We've not seen any early Amazon Prime Day deals on the Garmin Edge 1040 yet, but there's a chance that Amazon will potentially have some coming as the build-up to the actual Prime Days on the 11th and 12th of July begins. With a host of new functions announced today on the Garmin 1040, it makes the device even better than ever and now might be the time to grab one. 

In the crowded best GPS computer market, they don't come any more powerful than the Garmin Edge 1040 and 1040 Solar which are the flagship products in the Garmin GPS cycling computer range. The Garmin Edge 1040 has a mind-boggling amount of features that improved on the feature-packed Edge 1030 Plus. Garmin says the Edge 1040 is the ultimate GPS bike computer packed with features like multi-band GNSS that gives spot-on GPS accuracy, Dynamic Performance monitoring, and a whopping 35 hours of battery life, that extends up to 70 hours in battery saver mode. The battery goes even further on the 1040 Solar version, with up to 45 hours between charges or 100 hours in battery-saving mode.

The Garmin Edge 1040 now gets some interesting new additions that are available now in the latest software update via Garmin Connect. We checked out the features added to the Garmin Edge 1040 to find out what's new...

Close up on the Garmin Edge 1040

Checking and planning training schedules can now be down directly on the 1040  (Image credit: Garmin)

First up is the ClimbPro Ascent Planner which shows riders remaining ascent and grade while climbing, and allows riders to more accurately measure their climbing efforts. It also is available on every ride, without a course map required, a necessary map update is required via the Garmin Express desktop software.

Garmin has also added a view at-a-glance workout and training plan that directly prompts and updates riders from the device homepage. This function allows a far easier way of checking and planning training schedules. Training plans can also be synced seamlessly to your Edge 1040 bike computer from other apps like TrainingPeaks.

Finally, Custom Messaging and Message Initiation is also new. With an Android or Apple smartphone, riders can now create messages through the Garmin Connect app. They can be sent directly from the Edge 1040 device to friends, family or riding partners on the go, even when you’re the first to text.

Details on the Garmin Edge 1040 messaging function

Custom messaging allows riders as the name suggests to create their own unique messages (Image credit: Garmin)

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