Atherton bikes launch AM.200.M – a race-winning, hand-crafted, speedy mullet

AM.200.M in action
(Image credit: Dan Griffiths)

With the same fire as their AM.200 29'er DH bike, Atherton Bikes have now launched a mullet version called the AM.200.M. Pre-launch, it's already seen some big results from their racing team, with Andreas Kolb and Charlie Hatton bagging their career bests at World Cup level, placing 4th and 7th respectively. With Rachel Atherton's return to racing after giving birth, she's already seen a 6th place finish at Lenzerheide World Cup on this bike. 

The AM.200.M is available in two builds, plus a frame only version. The AM.200.M1 costs $9,100 / £8,400 and utilizes a 200mm Fox 40 factory fork and DHX rear shock, while the $7,366 / £6,800 AM.200M2 runs on a RockShox pairing of a 200m Boxxer RC DebonAir fork with a Super Deluxe Coil RC World Cup shock. The frame only version comes with a Fox DHX2 shock and costs $4,441 / £4,100. Custom frame builds are available for an extra £650. All bikes come in Black or Raw (gray).

Rachel Atherton racing at Lenzerheide World Cup

(Image credit: Jack Tennyson)

The AM.200.M is handcrafted in Machynlleth, Mid Wales using a digital production system that uses carbon tubing which is cut and glued into 3D printed titanium lugs making it easier to work with riders' feedback. This also means the manufacturing process has been shrunk down to only a few weeks, making it simpler to implement changes based on learnings from the race circuit.

Frame geometry

The use of additive manufacturing (using titanium lugs to join carbon tubes) in Atherton Bikes means that they're available in a vast range of sizes. (Image credit: Atherton Bikes)

Dan Atherton proudly boasts, "The combination of the DW6 [suspension] platform and the smaller back wheel makes it a super playful ride with unreal cornering. But at the same time, what would normally be lost in the bikes’ ability to roll over bumps is more than compensated for by the outstanding small bump sensitivity of DW6."

For more info on this bike, indulge in the three-minute video above with suspenseful music, that takes you through the said digital design system eventually forming a sweet ride.

studio photo of AM.200.M

(Image credit: Lawrence Crossman-Ems)

AM.200.M1 specs

  • Price: $9,100 / £8,400
  • Rear Shock: Fox DHX2 rear shock
  • Forks: Fox 40 factory with 200mm travel
  • Handlebars: Renthal V2 Fatbar handlebars
  • Grips: Renthal Lock-On Traction Ultratacky grips
  • Brakes: SRAM code RSC brakes
  • Wheelset: Stans Flow EX3 wheelset - mullet, of course
  • Tires: Continental Kryptotal

AM.200.M2 specs

  • Price: $7,366 / £6,800
  • Forks: RockShox Boxxer RC DebonAir, 200mm
  • Rear Shock: RockShox Super Deluxe Coil RC World Cup
  • Handlebars: Renthal V2 Fatbar
  • Grips: Renthal Lock-On Traction Ultratacky
  • Brakes: SRAM Code R
  • Wheelset: Stans Flow S1
  • Tires: Continental Kryptotalst

AM.200.M frame only specs

  • Price: $4,441 / £4,100
  • Rear Shock: Fox DHX2, 225 x 75mm
  • Headset: 49/56 Zero Stack

Find more information about the AM.200.M and other Atherton Bikes, see

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