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Bikepacking is difficult to define as it means different things to different riders. To some, it's an escape from everyday life, a chance to turn off and explore your local area, whereas others see it as a component of endurance racing that stretches across continents. Bikepacking doesn't determine the type of bike or terrain either; some riders are looking to bikepacking as a faster form of touring, while other riders are packing up to traverse the back and beyond. One thing that cannot be denied, bikepacking has exploded in popularity with more and more riders looking to create their own two-wheeled adventure. 

Whether you're new to the world of bikepacking or an experienced adventurer, Bike Perfect seeks to bring the best in bikepacking content, covering everything from racing and rider interviews to news, reviews and 'how to's.

If you are at the very start of your bikepacking adventure and still wondering, what is bikepacking? Bike Perfect has an ultimate guide as your starting point to getting ready for your first bikepacking trip. 

Unsure of the difference between a stem cell or bento box? Our breakdown of the best bikepacking bags will help find your perfect bike setup, while our bikepacking essentials guide will help you avoid some common pitfalls that could put an end to the trip. 

While some riders are ready to drop serious money on the best bikepacking bikes, our guide to bikepacking on a budget has a number of ideas to make bikepacking more affordable as well.

Stay tuned to Bike Perfect for more bikepacking content, or check back here where we'll list a full index of our bikepacking stories, tech, features and more. 

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