BMC reveal completely redesigned Fourstroke models and an automatic dropper post

The BMC Fourstroke
(Image credit: BMC)

With announcements from Cervelo, Ridley, and now BMC, there's been a flurry of new XC bikes launched this week. Not content with revealing one bike though, the Swiss manufacturer has revealed three new XC machines.

First up is BMC's best XC mountain bike, the all-new Fourstroke 01 with a completely redesigned frame. This is followed by the less expensive Fourstroke model and the more trail-orientated Fourstroke LT.

The bikes all share the same new frame built around BMC's redesigned APS suspension system, which BMC says features, "next-level kinematics and best-in-class suspension performance designed to deliver full traction and great efficiency on every terrain." 

Geometry has been tweaked and is more progressive than previous Fourstrokes. Reach is roomy for XC at 457mm (medium size frame), with a head angle of 66.5 degrees and seat tube angle of 75.6.

Frames are full carbon across all the models, but only the 01 features BMC's top of the range lay-up. All the bikes have the capacity for two bottle mounts on the downtube and are available in four sizes, S, M, L, and XL.

The BMC Fourstroke 01

The range topping BMC Fourstroke 01 LTD (Image credit: BMC)

BMC Fourstroke 01

The Fourstroke 01 consists of three models all with 100mm suspension – the range-topping 01 LTD, the 01 ONE, and 01 TWO. Unique to the Fourstroke 01 (at least, we're pretty sure no-one else has ever done this) is BMC's 80mm 'Autodrop' post that automatically drops at the push of lever – removing the need perform a squat down with your butt/arse to push down the saddle.

While it may sound like a nifty, but potentially superfluous innovation, BMC is aiming this bike at serious XC racers and say that removing the need to conventionally drop the saddle hundreds of time during a race saves precious seconds and makes riders less fatigued.

The BMC Fourstroke 01

The remotes for the Autodrop seatpost and suspension lockouts (Image credit: BMC)

Bike Perfect Senior Tech Writer, Graham, is testing the Fourstroke 01 at the time of writing and has been impressed with the seamless operation of the Autodrop, which is proving to be really handy on technical terrain. However, it does have the drawback of only two positions, up and down, but that is all you'd want during a race.

Costs for the Fourstroke 01 are as follows: the eyewateringly priced 01 LTD is $13,499 / £12,999 / €13,499, followed by the 01 ONE at $11,499 / £10,999 / €11,499, the 01 TWO at $9,499 / £8,999 / €9,499, and as a frame only for $5,999 / £5,499 / €5,999.

The BMC Fourstroke ONE

The BMC Fourstroke ONE (Image credit: BMC)

BMC Fourstroke

Less fancy than their 01 counterparts, the Fourstroke range consists of four models. Like their pricier relatives, the Fourstroke bikes come with 100mm of travel and newly redesigned APS suspension.

The ONE, TWO, and THREE models come with conventional dropper posts, while the FOUR gets a straight seatpost. 

Price-wise, the Fourstroke ONE costs $7,999 / £7,499 / €7,999, the TWO $6,999 / £6,499 / €6,999, the THREE $5,799 / £5,299 / €5,799 and the FOUR $4,699 / £4,299 / €4,699.

The BMC Fourstroke LT

(Image credit: BMC)

BMC Fourstroke LT

No prizes for guessing that the LT stands for long travel, so instead of the 100m suspension on the other Fourstrokes, the three LT models get 120mm of travel which gives them greater trail capabilities. While the previous BMC Fourstroke LT realized its added travel just by using a longer shock stroke, the new Fourstroke LT not only uses a longer shock stroke but a different shock link so BMC is able to maintain a similar progressive geometry to the XC Fourstroke.

The LT bikes don't get Autodroppers either, all three versions come armed with conventional dropper posts. 2.4in Maxxis Recon tires give a tad more grip and trail compliance too.

Pricing for the LT models starts at $12,499 / £11,999 / €12,499 for the LT LTD, $6,299 / £5,899 / €6,299 for the LT ONE and $4,999 / £4,499 / €4,999 for the LT TWO.

BMC Fourstroke availability

The new BMC bikes have a pretty convoluted release schedule: The Fourstroke 01 TWO and Fourstroke ONE will be the first models available later this month, followed by the Fourstroke LT ONE in January. The rest of the range will drop at various points later in 2023.

For a full release schedule and more information, head to We'll have first-ride reviews on the new bikes in the very near future.

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