Bontrager releases new Circuit WaveCel cross-country helmet

Bontrager Circuit WaveCel
(Image credit: Bontrager)

Bontrager has released a new version of its Circuit helmet, which features WaveCel technology, recycled materials and a Blendr accessory mount, making it Bontrager's best XC helmet and a versatile option for cross-country mountain bikers or gravel riders.

With a 5-star rating from Virginia Tech's testing, the helmet also features WaveCel. A collapsable lattice that's found on a number of Bontrager's other helmets. The brand claims that WaveCel is "more effective than traditional foam helmets in protecting heads from injuries caused by certain cycling accidents." 

Bontrager Circuit WaveCel

(Image credit: Bontrager)

Bontrager also says that the helmet is made using "50% post-consumer recycled EPS foam," which lessens the helmet's impact on the environment. 

The new Circuit helmet features Bontrager's Blendr mount system. Using magnetic mounts for GoPro action cameras or Bontrager lights, the Blendr helmet mount ensure a secure attachment for accessories but can also break away in the event of a crash or snag. 

A BOA dial in the rear allows riders to adjust the fit of the helmet, and the lid has moisture-wicking pads on the interior. 

The helmet is subject to Bontrager's crash replacement plan as well, so riders can get a new helmet for free if it has been damaged in a crash within one year of ownership. 

Available in five colors and in sizes S-XL, the new Circuit costs $149.99. 

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