Bontrager unveils RSL MTB integrated handlebar and stem

Bontrager RSL MTB
(Image credit: Bontrager)

Integrated cockpit setups have been increasing in popularity across all cycling disciplines for years due to aerodynamic gains and sleek aesthetics. There have been a couple of examples on the mountain bike scene, and Bontrager has just unveiled another addition to the market. 

The new RSL MTB Handlebar/Stem is a combined handlebar and stem that's available for cross-country, trail, or enduro riding. RSL stands for Race Shop Limited, which are the top-shelf products offered by Bontrager, Trek's in-house component brand. 

The RSL MTB is offered in a range of sizes to accommodate any riding discipline, from cross-country to enduro.

The bar and stem are constructed using Trek's patented OCLV Carbon process, which saves weight and increases strength and compliance, according to the brand.

There are also a couple of features that make this bar and stem stand out. First, it can be used with any headset, including Trek's Knock Block headsets, which prevent the bars from overrotating and hitting the frame. Accessory mounting can be made seamless by using the Bontrager Blendr system for additions like GPS computers and bike lights.

The bars are available in widths of 750- and 820mm, with stem options ranging from 35-90mm 

The RSL MTB handlebar is available starting today at Trek retailers or online. The price tag is listed at $349.99.

Ryan Simonovich

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