Bryton Rider S500 is the first GPS of a new high-tech, range-topping Sport series

Bryton Rider S500 colour display
(Image credit: Aaron Borrill)

Bryton has unveiled its new Sport series, now the best MTB GPS computer in its lineup and focused on performance for 'adventurous' riders. The $299 / £259 Rider S500 is just the first - Bryton will launch a second S-model later this year. 

Working alongside UCI World Tour riders, including Intermarche Wanty-Gobert Materiaux, Bryton has given the S500 a more aero casing, a USB-C connection, a faster processor and a 24hr claimed battery life. It also has more features and functions than ever before – which it needs, as it's up against the likes of Garmin's Edge 830 and Wahoo's Elemnt Roam. 

Bryton Rider S500 screens

Sizing and functionality puts it directly in competition with Garmin's 830 (Image credit: Aaron Borrill)

Via an internet connection, the S500 offers a Google-powered voice search for addresses of POIs (Points of Interest), plus new features for its turn-by-turn route guidance such as auto-rerouting, the ability to reverse saved rides and route retracing.

A new Live Track feature shares your location in real-time – along with data on current speed, ride time, distance and more – with anyone you send a 'share' link to via your phone.

The user interface has been overhauled, there's a customizable 'Quick Status' menu, and you get a redesigned graphical workout overview that allows some customization and you can add notes – via the app or TrainingPeaks – to read as you train.

Bryton has added a Climb Challenge feature too, which automatically switches to an overview of your route's climbs as you approach one, showing you the length, altitude, ascent and where it starts and ends. Useful for pacing.

Bryton Rider S500 unit back

The Rider S500 uses a quarter-turn mounting system on the rear and USB-C charging slot (Image credit: Aaron Borrill)

Indoor training gets a similar boost with the ability to control resistance or power, simulate customized workouts, or even simulate entire rides if you are using one of the best MTB smart trainers. This connection is via ANT+ FE-C.

Meanwhile, an ANT+ LEV connection allows the S500 to function as a head unit on e-bikes, displaying information on mode, range and battery levels. The ANT+ also works with a Rear View Radar sensor to add colored on-screen and audible warnings of drivers approaching at speed.

The S500 comes complete with a protective case, a mount and a lanyard for $299/£259, or bundled with speed, cadence and heart rate sensors for $379/£329.

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