CamelBak launches a well considered range of bikepacking bags at Eurobike with its M.U.L.E. collection

Details on the CamelBak M.U.L.E. On Bikepacking range
(Image credit: Camelbak)

CamelBak unveiled its all-new M.U.L.E. On Bikepacking Collection at Eurobike in Frankfurt, with the M.U.L.E. On Bike Frame Pack which forms part of the collection landing the prestigious 2023 Eurobike Award in the best mountain bike accessories and clothing category.

Founded in 1989, CamelBak is one of the global leaders in personal hydration products and its products regularly feature in the Bike Perfect best MTB hydration packs listings. With the new M.U.L.E. On Bikepacking Collection, they now aim to challenge in the bikepacking bags category. 

Built for the best bikepacking adventures, the new M.U.L.E. On series is a new range for the CamelBak catalog. The brand says it will provide the ultimate hydration-equipped system for multi-day bike trips, featuring a waterproof construction and rugged adaptability with five different packs available – the Frame Pack, the Handlebar Pack, the Stem Pack and two different capacity Saddle Packs. We had a chance to look over the range at Eurobike and checked out the details on each pack.

Rider on a bike with the CamelBak M.U.L.E. On Bikepacking range

The CamelBak new range is the brands first set of bikepacking bags (Image credit: Camelbak)

First up is the already award-winning M.U.L.E. On Frame Pack which also includes a brand new reservoir, the Quick Stow, that's purposely made for specific backpacking use. The frame pack comes in two size options (Small and Large) with capacities of 3 liters or 5 liters, and both come with the Quick Stow reservoir. Other features include secure and adjustable attachments, fully water-resistant pockets with an IPX5 waterproof rating and an adjustable clip to keep the reservoir tube in place. There are also reflective strips as an added safety feature.

Details on the CamelBak M.U.L.E. On Frame Pack

The award winning the M.U.L.E. On Frame Pack (Image credit: Camelbak)

The Quick Stow reservoir that accompanies the M.U.L.E. On Frame Pack is claimed to be versatile, compact and lightweight. Designed to fit perfectly with the pack it features the CamelBak Big Bite valve for rapid and easy on-the-go hydration. It is compatible with CamelBak's Lifestraw filters – the brand's filtration system that removes a plethora of nasties from water, allowing users to fill up from streams and other water sources on the go. CamelBak also adds that the hose can be removed, allowing the use of an on/off valve cap instead which is extremely useful for campsite cooking.

Details on the CamelBak M.U.L.E. Quick Stow reservoir

The Quick Stow reservoir is designed to work with the M.U.L.E. On Frame Pack (Image credit: Camelbak)

The M.U.L.E. On Saddle Pack comes in two versions the M.U.L.E. 9 and the M.U.L.E. 1 with as the name would suggest 9 liters and 1 liter capacities. Both are IPX5 waterproof rated and have what could be a very useful anti-sway design. Both versions also have a roll-top which can expand the capacity for those last-minute bikepacking additions with adjustable attachment points, reflective details and compression straps.

One of the most eye-catching items in the collection was the M.U.L.E. Handlebar Pack with a whopping 12 liter capacity. Again like the other items, its IPX5 waterproof rated with a roll-top to expand the capacity further and additional side pockets. It also has a built-in aluminum stabilizer and reflective details. This was the most appealing daily-use pack out of the range, and sure to be a hit with commuters as well as bikepackers.

Details on the CamelBak M.U.L.E. Handlebar Pack

The M.U.L.E. Handlebar Pack has a 12 liter capacity (Image credit: Camelbak)

Finally, the M.U.L.E. On Stem Pack is another super handy item in the range designed to fit the CamelBak Podium bottle but will also accommodate your bikepacking snack of choice (in my case Haribo Tangfastics). It has a drawstring cinch closure system with secure attachments and reflective additions.

Details on the CamelBak M.U.L.E. On Bikepacking range fitted on a bike

The entire collection will be available in early 2024 (Image credit: Camelbak)

The M.U.L.E. On Bikepacking Collection is scheduled for an early 2024 release with no pricing details currently available. For more information about CamelBak, please visit

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