Cane Creek launches new Thudbuster LT seatpost

Cane Creek Thudbuster LT suspension seat
Cane Creek's Thudbuster softens the blow of seated terrain impacts (Image credit: Cane Creek)

Cane Creek has launched the all-new Thudbuster LT, adding more travel to its Thudbuster suspension seatpost range.

Aimed at those riders who don’t see the value of conventional dropper seatposts and prefer to add additional comfort over a rigid post, the Thudbuster LT uses an elastomer, instead of air, oil or a coil, to improve ride comfort.

Engineers and industrial designers at Cane Creek have reworked the Thudbuster design to provide 14mm more travel than before. The suspension seatpost function is mechanically simple, using dual parallelogram links and an elastomer in the middle.

Independent in operation, the Thudbuster provides 90mm of cushioning for riders who remain seated when rolling along off-road. Unlike a dropper seatpost, which can be lowered on demand to allow the rider an ideal attack position when descending, the Thudbuster is a comfort feature, instead of a technical trail riding upgrade.

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It will appeal to traditional mountain bikers and larger riders, who use hardtails and enjoy simply cranking away on flat gravel roads or navigating singletrack climbs.

Cane Creek is offering different elastomers, depending on rider size. The standard Thudbuster LT elastomer has a medium firmness rating and is recommended for riders between 65- and 90kg. An extra firm elastomer increases seated rider load capacity to 115kg.

For those riders who are in the medium size range and wish to have the softest possible ride, there are soft and extra-soft elastomer options too.

The new Thudbuster is available in 27.2-, 30.0- and 31.6mm diameters, which should make it compatible with the majority of mountain bike frames. It weighs a mere 750g and requires a minimum insertion length of only 146mm.

Lance Branquinho
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