Crankbrothers launches XC and gravel bike-friendly Highline dropper post and drop-bar remote

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If you’re anything like the BikePerfect crew, we’ve almost forgotten how to ride a mountain bike that doesn’t have a dropper post. The trouble is, some XC bikes and pretty much every gravel bike use a 27.2mm seatpost diameter, leaving you with very few choices — even among the best short travel dropper posts. Crankbrothers is aiming to solve this problem with its expanded range of Highline posts.

With droppers ranging from a gravel bike-friendly 60mm travel, the skinny Highline posts go right up to 125mm of the travel, meaning you should be able to find a dropper that works with your bike.  Better still, if your frame has a funny shaped seat tube that limits seatpost insertion, the 60mm drop post comes in a short 297mm, total length and has a minim insertion of 174mm and long posts see a 387mm total length and minimum insertion of 264mm.


Minimum insert is shallow on the shortest dropper for bikes with kinked seat tubes (Image credit: Crankbrothers)

Crankbrothers says the short post 60mm posts weights 396g, while the 125mm travel dropper is claimed to tip the scales at 467g. 

Inside, you'll find a self-contained hydraulic IFP cartridge to actuate the post, like the Highline 7, and a standard two-bolt clamp that will accept round or ovalized rails to secure the saddle. The bottom of the post features a quick connect linear-pull mechanism complete with a cutout to house the cable head to eliminate installation headaches. 

In the box, Crankbrothers includes a Jagwire cable and housing, though you’ll have to supply your own lever. These new skinny Highline 27.2mm gravel/XC droppers fall alongside the longer travel options offered by Brankbrothers, the Highline 3 which is available in 30.9mm, 31.6mm and 34.9mm and five lengths and Highline 7 that comes in 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters and four drops.

The new Highline XC and gravel posts are backed by a four-year warranty and are priced at $249.99; international pricing is TBC.


The drop-bar lever offers two-way actuation for use in a variety of hand positions (Image credit: Crankbrothers)

That brings us to the new Highline Drop-bar remote. To be frank, beyond jerry-rigging a left-hand shifter to actuate your seatpost, drop-bar dropper remotes are relatively poor, which makes the new Highline remote particularly interesting.

Designed to be mounted on the lefthand drops, the new Highline Drop-bar remote uses a single mounting bolt that allows for two-way actuation, so it can be reached from multiple hand positions without having to alter your grip drastically. Sold separately the Highline Drop-Bar remote is set to retail for $49.99; international pricing is TBC. 

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