Crankbrothers releases new MTB shoe line

Crankbrothers Mallet BOA clipless Shoe
(Image credit: Crankbrothers)

Crankbrothers has released a line of mountain bike shoes, including two different clipless model ranges and one flat pedal model range. 

Crankbrothers is most known for its range of pedals, and now riders can choose from a variety of different shoe options to match. Each shoe, the Mallet, Mallet E, and Stamp, correspond with a pedal of the same name. 

The Mallet and Mallet E are nearly identical, but the former is designed for downhill riding and the latter for enduro and trail riding. The Mallet features an extra setback on the cleat track, which helps with control and stability at downhill race speeds. On the Mallet E, there is an extra stiff shank, which leads to more power transfer when pedaling. 

Crankbrothers Mallet Clipless Race Zone

The Crankbrothers Mallet clipless shoe features a setback pedal track called Race Zone.  (Image credit: Crankbrothers)

Both models use a ramped Match cleat box for easier pedal accessibility and mud shedding. Both shoes also use Crankbrothers’ mid-friction rubber compound, again for easier pedal entry and exit. In addition, the shoes use a tread pattern for grippy traction when you step off the bike. The shoes are compatible with both Crankbrothers and SPD cleats and pedals. (Crankbrothers cleats come preinstalled) 

The Stamp flat pedal model range uses the brand’s flat rubber compound for grip and durability. The on-pedal area of the shoe is designed for grip, and the off-pedal areas of the shoe are designed for hiking and walking traction. 

Crankbrothers Stamp Speed Lace

Crankbrothers Stamp flat pedal shoe with Speed Lace closure system.  (Image credit: Crankbrothers)

Each of the three shoe ranges is offered in three different closure systems. The BOA option uses the familiar BOA Fit System, featuring a micro-adjustment dial and lightweight laces. At the top of the shoe, there is a velcro strap. The Speed Lace option features traditional laces with a velcro strap at the top. The Lace option uses solely traditional shoelaces.

Crankbrothers Mallet and Mallet E Pricing

  • BOA: $199.99
  • Speed Lace: $169.99
  • Lace: $149.99

Crankbrothers Stamp Pricing 

  • BOA: $179.99
  • Speed Lace: $149.99
  • Lace: $129.99 
Ryan Simonovich

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