Cycle, sleep, rave, repeat – DJ Woody Cook to host a bike rave in London

DJ Woody Cook on a bike for London bike rave
(Image credit: Cut the Bull)

The BYOB (Bring your own bike) Rave is hosted by the celeb DJ and Swapfiest, the bicycle subscription company and is a celebration of the increase, in not only Londoners but across the UK of people commuting on bicycles. Numbers have doubled recently and the event hopes to inspire more people to join the party and commute to their workplace.

DJ Woody Cook in the Swapfiest office

Woody making plans for bike rave at Swapfiest HQ (Image credit: Cut the Bull)

The summer of 2022 has seen a third of Brits cycling more than in previous years, and Swapfiets and Cook want this trend to continue into the holiday season. Unpredictable winter weather can see people avoiding their bikes. Tour De Dance wants to demonstrate that biking is the greatest way to experience the city in all seasons.

In a festival of light and music the bike rave will set off from the Swapfiets’ Shoreditch store, with Cook and bike ravers alike will take in the holiday views on a leisurely cycle around some of London's most famous streets, including the Oxford Street Christmas lights, Southbank festivities, and everything Central London has to offer the festive season.

DJ Woody Cook riding a bike in London

Woody Cook checking out the route for London bike rave (Image credit: Cut the Bull)

"I've been playing sets all over the world, from Ministry of Sound to Cafe Mambo Ibiza but leading the Tour de Dance is something new and unique for me. Riding through the streets of London playing my set with a pumping crowd following doesn't happen every day. If we can get more Londoners on their bikes even better." said Cook.

Katarina Hlavata, UK Country Manager at Swapfiets, added “We understand how cycling can seem unappealing as the colder months draw in. It might be a little colder and well it might rain, but there’s nothing better than cycling through the streets of London and seeing a new side to the city lit up with festive decorations.

We have also partnered with music fundraiser, Save Our Scene, which produces unique events that support the live music scene. 

So teaming up with Woody and the SOS team was a no-brainer; they know how to bring a party. Through the Tour de Dance, we hope that the city’s cyclists – both advanced and new – will enjoy the performance and find joy in cycling. It's going to be a fun night with Woody leading the way dropping banger after banger in his own style from his specially designed and bike-mounted sound system!"

DJ Woody Cook close up head shot

(Image credit: Cut the Bull)

How to join the bike party!

  • When and where? November 9th, Swapfiets, 58 Commercial St, London E1 6LT
  • What time? All bike ravers will meet at Swapfiets, Shoreditch shop at 6:30pm and be raedy to ride by 7pm
  • What to bring? It's BYOB (bring your own bike), disco lights and white gloves optional
  • No Bike? No problem. Swapfiets will have 30 bikes available, arrive early to sign up for a bike

You can also guarantee your spot now by signing up now to Join the Ride .

Paul Brett
Staff writer

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