DT Swiss introduces D 232 One carbon dropper post

DT Swiss has launched a new short-travel dropper seatpost
D 232 One is a carbon dropper post with mechanical simplicity (Image credit: DT Swiss)

D 232 One is a revolutionary new dropper post from DT Swiss.

Launched as part of the brand’s new 2020 model year XC component line, the D 232 One dropper seatpost should appeal to those mountain bikers who prioritise weight and simplicity.

With cross-country races and courses becoming increasingly technical, demand for short-stroke dropper seat posts has surged.

The issues that cross-country racers have traditionally had with dropper seatposts are weight and reliability. Adding yet another hydraulic and air-powered component to the bike is a complexity and maintenance burden that creates unease for most cross-country mountain bikers, who prize efficiency and component durability above all else.

DT Swiss has addressed all these issues with its new D 232 One dropper. It features an inverted design and has no air chamber or hydraulic circuitry.

The D 232 One functions with a simple mechanical spring system and glide bushings. That means you never have to worry about bleeding it or expensive maintenance intervals.

Packing for the D 232 One is simple enough to allow even amateur mechanics to clean and regrease it. And because of the inverted design, this simple servicing intervention does not require the seat post to be removed from a frame.

Beyond its delightful mechanical simplicity, the D 232 One is also credibly light. It offers 60mm of stroke at a weight of only 369g.

Diameter sizing for the D 232 One is appropriate for the narrower seat tubes present on most cross-country full-suspension mountain bike frames: 27.2mm and 30.9mm. The D 232 One’s length is only 400mm, so there will be insertion depth limitations for certain frame sizes and riders (210mm), but for most cross country riders, it will be perfect.

With a carbon lower tube and saddle rails, the D 232 One is not cheap. Price positioning is set for €499, although the design could yield an aluminium version in future, with all the same functions, at a lower price.

Lance Branquinho
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