E_Enduro is a dedicated e-MTB wheelset from Hunt

Hunt E_Enduro wheelset
Hunt's E_Enduro wheels are big, to deal with the mass of an e-MTB (Image credit: Hunt)

With its E_Enduro wheelset, Hunt's industrial design team have gone beyond the terrain taming ability of its standard Enduro Wide mountain bike wheels.

Much fun as they are to ride both up and down, e-MTBs are heavy on wheelsets. With their ability to facilitate multiple downhill runs in an afternoon, and higher overall mass, the eMTB easily overwhelm most enduro-specific wheelsets.

The mountain bike wheel manufacturing fraternity is reacting by producing more robust, e-MTB-specific wheels and a new example of this market dynamic is from Hunt.

Hunt's E_Enduro is built wide, from 6069-T6 aluminium, and absorbs a lot more material than brand’s Enduro Wide. With numbers calculating to a 25 per cent thicker sidewall taper and 41 per cent more substantial rim bed, a very burly rim structure is present with the E_Enduro wheelset.

Available for both 27.5- and 29-inch tyres the E_Enduro is 37mm wide, when measured internally. Hunt claims it will comfortably seat tyres up to three inches in width, although the optimised rubber range is for high-volume tyres 2.6- to 2.8-inches wide.

Beyond the substantial rim dimensions, Hunt’s E_Enduro wheelset is built with triple-butted RSR-reinforced Pillar spokes, made from Swedish stainless steel. Cognisant of the influence larger rotational mass has on e-MTB wheels, the E_Enduros roll-on oversized 17mm 7075-T6 axles, which lessen the overall bearing load and improve the wheelset mechanical durability.

The E_Enduro wheels also feature e-MTB appropriate MTB hubs with cooling features for superior temperature control and 6x1 pawls, configured to counter the additional drivetrain torque input that a battery-assisted mountain bike generates.

Hunt lists the E_Enduro 27.5-inch wheelset at 2531g and its larger 29-inch variant weighs 2621g. Both wheelsets are set to retail for £429.

Lance Branquinho
Freelance writer

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