Enduro-influenced flat pedals from Nukeproof

Nukeproof flat pedals for enduro (image credit: Nukeproof)
Flat pedals reprofiled by input from the Enduro World Champion (i (Image credit: Nukeproof)

Flat pedals win medals. No rider has kept this mountain biking mantra more relevant, than Australia’s Sam Hill

The Nukeproof team rider has won Downhill and Enduro world championships and proven that even in a technical discipline which requires some pedalling, flat pedals have their place.

Hill’s dominance of Enduro racing over the last two years has now produced a new flat pedal from Nukeproof, drawing on the Australian’s experience riding the world’s most technical long-distance descents.

Keen followers of Enduro noticed that Hill was on a slightly different version of his Nukeproof Horizon signature pedal during 2019. What Hill and his mechanic came to understand, was that Enduro racing required a slimmer overall pedal shape, compared to what is standard in Downhill racing.

After rudimentarily filing down a pair of his Nukeproof Horizon production pedals, Hill found a shape which perfectly accommodated the requirements of manoeuvring through technical rock gardens and corners, without undue pedal strikes.

Nukeproof has now released an updated version of their Horizon pedal, featuring the reprofiled shape perfected and tested during Sam Hill’s winning 2019 Enduro World Series campaign.

The new pedal has slightly slimmed edges and weighs 23g less. For those riders who prefer flat pedals in technical terrain, but get annoyed with the increased pedal strike probably due to large Downhill racing specific platforms, the Horizon V2 is an apt solution.

Sam Hill’s evolved version of the Horizon retains all the pin placement, structural stiffness and concave which riders have come to expect from Nukeproof flat pedals, slightly redesigned for better Enduro performance.

Nukeproof has set retail pricing for the new Horizon Sam Hill signature pedal at £84.99. If you seek the last word in durability and lightness for an Enduro pedal, there will be a titanium axle version available too, costing £159.99.

Lance Branquinho
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