Farr Arm Rest Kit V2 returns to improve aerodynamics and comfort

Farr arm rest gravel
Arm rest kit for making those big days on gravel, a bit easier (Image credit: Farr)

Farr has shown that it knows what customers in the gravel and bikepacking market want. The brand has launched a selection of handlebar solutions, including the 'aero' mountain bike handlebar, enabling riders more comfort and utility when embarking on those bikepacking adventures or endurance gravel race formats.

Previously released as a limited run, Farr has brought back its Arm Rest Kit which has now been designed with 31.8mm bar clamps for version 2. Slim handlebar pads work great for triathletes, but what if you need something more robust, for many days in the saddle?

Anyone who has tried to use triathlon comfort pads on the best gravel bikes will know it doesn’t work. You require more padding and a better sweat gutter design. This is where Farr focused its efforts.

Farr arm rest gravel

(Image credit: Farr)

The company’s new Arm Rest Kit V2 is designed to be both lightweight and modular, appealing to a broad audience of off-road riders, regardless of bike type.

Farr’s product planners realized that many gravel and adventure riders have moved to the 31.8mm bore handlebar standard. As such, the Arm Rest Kit works with this tube size, making it an ideal fitment for the latest range of ultra-wide drop handlebars.

The Arm Rest Kit V2 is CNC machined to create a lightweight alloy structure, that is adequately robust, for gravel riding use.

Providing comfort are 7mm thick custom shaped EVA foam pads, that should retain excellent form and memory over time.

If you are the kind of off-road touring rider, who possesses the flexibility to ride in an aero position for extended periods of time, the rm Rest Kit V2, will make it a lot comfier to do.

In open terrain, even the slightest prolonged headwind can make a gravel ride exhausting, especially when your bike is already laden with gear and packs. This is when the utility of adjustable Arm Rest Kit V2 proves their value.

The Farr Arm Rest Kit V2 includes a set of cups, pads, top- and lower-clamps. The total system weight is an entirely reasonable 222g, with pricing at $115.

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