Ridefarr releases new 'aero' mountain bike handlebar

Ridefarr Aero MTB handle bar
Ridefarr's aero is a handlebar with great utility and comfort (Image credit: Ridefarr)

If you love riding huge mileages, Ridefarr has new aero mountain bike handlebar which promises improved comfort. 

The company has launched a new aero handlebar, specially targeted at mountain bikers who aren't shy of spending hours in the saddle on consecutive days.

Ridefarr has a range of intriguing handlebar components aimed at gravel bike riders, including the new Wide-R GRVL handlebar, but the company recognised that endurance mountain bikers and fat tyre bikepacking enthusiasts could also be served by its design logic.

The result is a new 6061-T6 alloy handlebar, which looks rather different and offers an abundance of functionality. Comfort was the design goal of Ridefarr’s new aero mountain bike handlebar and therefore it has an extended grip section.

Mountain bikers who venture beyond the 100-mile riding threshold off-road will know that terrain induced hand fatigue is a very real issue. Ridefarr’s aero handlebar facilitates a range of hand positions, allowing for grip variations during a punishingly long ride - thereby mitigating potential touchpoint fatigue.

Geometry specifications for Ridefarr’s aero handlebar include a 6-degree rearward sweep, 760mm of overall width and a 31.8mm clamping diameter. The aero mountain bike handlebar carries a 515g weight classification.

Beyond offering multiple hand positions for superior comfort during off-road endurance rides, Ridefarr’s new handlebar supplements your all-up kit carrying capability, too. The aero extension structure acts as a secondary mounting point for gear, which is a feature that will have inarguable appeal to bikepackers.

An interesting aspect of the handlebar's ergonomics is how it can place your mountain bike GPS computer system in a much safer field of view. Instead of having to glance steeply down to read a head unit, with the Ridefarr’s extended aero section, you only have to avert your eyes slightly to read a device screen mounted on the handlebar's furthest edge. 

Ridefarr is scheduled to have its aero mountain bike handlebar on sale by July, at a target retail price of $75.

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Lance Branquinho
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