Five Ten Freerider Pros are the best flat pedal MTB shoes I've ever worn and now they're up to 70% off in this huge deal – savings still live!

A pair of Five Ten Freerider Pro shoes
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I've been riding mountain bikes for over 30 years and the majority of the time its been on flat pedals. Over the years I've tested many flat pedal shoes, but none have ever beaten Five Ten's Freerider Pros. Pedal grip doesn't get any better than Five Ten's Dotty rubber sole and while these days the Freerider Pros have many worthy rivals, such as Fox Union Flat and Specialized 2FO models, the Five Ten shoes are still my go-to option.

For more on why I rate these shoes so highly, see my full Five Ten Freerider Pro review. But if you want the quick version, here's my verdict from the review... "Serious grip with not-quite-locked-in adjustability, excellent pedal feedback and rugged uppers all add up to make the Five Ten Freerider Pro the best flat trail shoe around." Needless to say, I scored the Freerider Pros at 100%.

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The underside of a Freerider Pro shoe

The Freerider Pros feature Five Ten's unbeatably grippy 'Dotty' sole pattern (Image credit: Donald NG)

Evans are currently reducing the Freerider Pros by 50% in this Cyber Monday mountain bike deal, (yes Cyber Monday was yesterday, but these deals are still live) which at £60 a pair is ridiculously good value. But unless you're a UK size 7*, in the (mis-quoted) words of Henry Ford, "you can have any color you like so long it's black." At the time of writing, there's a wide range of sizes available too. * Size 7 shoes also come in blue.


Five Ten Freerider Pro shoes: Were £120.00, now £60.00 at Evans
The Five Ten Freerider Pro is our top rated flat pedal shoe. I gave it 5 out of 5 in my review and at half price, it's a proper steal. Unsurpassed grip is the Freerider Pro's main USP, but they're also highly protective and good looking shoes too. Currently available in black in a wide range of sizes, or blue if you take a size 7 shoe.

However, there's an even better deal on women-specific Freerider Pros, as they are 70% off at Evans and now available for just £39! As pointed out by our colleagues over at, the women's model is exactly the same as the men's but just comes in a different color and the sizing stops at a UK 8. So if you're a smaller footed fellow, these are the shoes for you too – I think the gray colorway looks great, but unfortunately I'm a size 9.

Five Ten Freerider Pro Women's shoes: Were £130.00, now £39.00 at Evans

Five Ten Freerider Pro Women's shoes: Were £130.00, now £39.00 at Evans
There's even bigger savings on the Freerider Pros if you're a woman or a man with smaller feet. The color is the only difference between the male and female options, oh and the price of course! Available in all sizes from 3.5 to 8 UK with half sizes throughout.

Unfortunately all the serious savings above are just for UK riders, but I've found a good deal for US MTBers too. Admittedly, it's not quite as massive as the UK deals, but you can still save a fair few dollars on a pair of the more eco-friendly Freerider Pro Primeblues over at Amazon. Color-wise, the option is the sweet looking Core Black/Carbon/Pulse Lime pictured below, but the price reduction depends on the size. Happily, the most popular sizes are the cheaper ones, the lowest price is $88.56 for a US size 9.

Five Ten Freerider Pro Primeblue shoes: Were $150.00, now from $88.56 at Amazon

Five Ten Freerider Pro Primeblue shoes: Were $150.00, now from $88.56 at Amazon
This Core Black/Carbon/Pulse Lime looks great and is available in in a range of sizes with a range of reductions, which are all worthwhile bar size 12.5 – which is nearly full price for some reason. Why is this? Only Amazon's price setting algorithms know. 

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