Forestal releases futuristic Siryon e-mountain bike

Siryon Forestal e-MTB
Siryon has a high-clearance rear swingarm design (Image credit: Forestal)

Forestal is an Andorran e-MTB brand which is promising a lot with its debut 29er bike, the Siryon. 

The first renders of Forestal’s e-MTB have finally been revealed, with a commitment to launch the production version by October this year.

To differentiate itself in the competitive e-MTB market, Forestal desired complete control of the design process.

Recognising that frame design was limited by available components and specification, Forestal wished to be independent of most e-MTB supply chain companies. As such, it has engineered its own electric motor system and battery chemistry, uniquely suited to the requirements of its first e-MTB.

Forestal has confirmed most of the specification for its Siryon. The numbers are deeply impressive, with Forestal claiming that its size medium Siryon will weigh only 17.4kg, whilst providing a massive 170mm of suspension travel front and rear.

Forestal’s intended customer profile for this e-MTB are dedicated enduro riders, who will be using the bike’s pedal-assist function to climb back up to double-black trail drop-in points, completing multiple loops in the shortest possible time. 

Forestal Siryon specs

A new motor and integrated electronics set the Siryon apart from competition (Image credit: Forestal)

The bike features an EonDrive motor, layered with titanium and magnesium bits, to tally a weight rating of only 1.95kg. Power output is 250w and Forestal’s Aurora battery pack is good for 350Wh, which can be doubled with a bottle cage mounted second battery, acting as a range extender.

Core geometry values for the Siryon are true to its 170mm travel rating, with a slack 64-degree head angle. On a size large, Forestal’s Siryon spaces to 488mm of reach.

An interesting aspect of the carbon frame design is its rear, which does not feature a traditional triangle shape. The Siryon’s rear wheel is linked with a solid double-sided composite swingarm, more akin to a motorcycle than mountain bike design.

Forestal has also mentioned an integrated bike GPS computer, with a 3.2-inch touchscreen display and possible internet connectivity, housed at the front of the top tube. 

The Siryon will be priced at €7,999 when it comes to market in October, and riders will have a choice of five frame sizes. The build includes a DVO Jade X coil shock and 170mm Onyx Coil fork, carbon cranks from Praxis, Magura’s MT7 brakes, Crankbrothers Synthesis E Carbon wheels and SRAM’s GX Eagle drivetrain.

Lance Branquinho
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