Garmin releases new Enduro smartwatch

Garmin smartwatch enduro
Garmin's Enduro will time and score your riding (Image credit: Garmin)

Garmin has just launched the Enduro, its new entrant to the best smartwatch for cycling category, that might trigger great interest from mountain bikers.

The new Garmin Enduro has a comprehensive range of features that keep working, wherever you might go. Benefitting from Garmin’s solar technology, the Enduro has an impressive 80 hours of battery life, even when used in GPS mode.

An UltraFit nylon strap keeps it comfortable on your wrist, even on a sweltering day, and Garmin is offering an optional DLC-coated titanium bezel, to make the Enduro more durable than most smartwatches.

What can it do? Well, the Enduro can adjust your training and tracking parameters according to climate and elevation. It references the user’s VO2 max number and then adjusts according to heat and altitude.

Garmin’s Enduro also knows how much you should rest. This new smartwatch has an onboard recovery advisor that recommends the optimal rest periods between your big efforts, preventing the unhappy consequences of overtraining.

Garmin Enduro smartwatch

(Image credit: Garmin)

For mountain bikers the Enduro smartwatch can add grit and flow measurements, allowing a user to rate trail difficulty. It also tallies descending times and technicality, allocating a score, which can be used to track technical trail prowess, over consecutive runs, on a particular trail.

Beyond the descending data features, there is also the Garmin Enduro’s ClimbPro tech. This uses real-time information to inform a user of gradient, distance and elevation gain during a climb, or anticipating a climb. It can transfuse this data and balance it with a rider’s progress during an actual climb.

To ensure the caliber of connectivity and tracking accuracy that riders have come to expect from Garmin, the Enduro smartwatch uses a multitude of navigational satellites. Its three-axis compass, altimeter and barometer keep a rider accurately informed of all direction, altitude and weather metrics.

Garmin is marketing the Enduro smartwatch at $799, with the titanium casing upgrade pushing that to $899.

Lance Branquinho
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