Gee Atherton rides down massive quarry in 'The Slate Line' video

Gee Atherton 'The Slate Line'
(Image credit: Dan Griffiths)

The United Kingdom isn't known for big mountain freeride lines, but leave it to Gee Atherton to find zones that are on par with iconic locations in Utah and Canada. In his latest video project, Atherton rides a white knuckle line at the Wincillate quarry in Aberlleffeni, Wales. 

Loose chunks of slate make traction a perilous prospect while Atherton inches his way down the steep hillside next to 500-foot cliffs. At the bottom, there's a step-down jump that's one of the biggest gaps Atherton has ever hit. 

"The fear at the top of this line is incredible–you’re balanced on the edge of this mountain and you feel like as soon as you start moving you're just going to get carried to the bottom and smashed to pieces and there'll be nothing you can do about it," Atherton said. 

The top of the line is steep and exposed, and then Atherton has to navigate massive jumps at the bottom. 

"The step down at the bottom is one of the biggest gaps I’ve ever hit-81 feet we measured, and it’s complicated by the fact that as soon as you start to move, the whole surface of the mountain starts to move with you. It’s like an avalanche trying to drag you down and super-sharp shards of slate are flying up everywhere," he said. 

Watch the video below to see one of the gnarliest lines the multi-time World Cup and two-time World Championship winning downhiller has tackled. 

Ryan Simonovich

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