Has OneUp Components set a new standard for MTB dropper post performance with the V3?

Mountain biker using the OneUp V3 dropper post
OneUp says the V3 isn't just an update on V2, but a completely newly designed dropper post (Image credit: OneUp Components)

Canadian brand OneUp Components has launched the latest version of its award-winning mountain bike dropper post – the all-new V3 dropper post, which they say is better, in 'every way' over its popular V2 version.

A dropper post is one of the best upgrades you can make to your mountain bike and fitting one will make a massive difference to how you ride. The cost versus performance benefits make it one of the first key components to top your upgrade list. One of the best dropper posts around is the OneUp V2 which has a wide range of drop length choices, combined with brilliant height adjustability, a smooth action and comes in at a decent price. So how has OneUp improved on its V2 dropper? I had a nosey over the V3 specs to find out more... 

Rear view of the OneUp V3 dropper post

The V3 has a new and fully sealed cartridge that helps reduce the overall weight (Image credit: OneUp Components)

OneUp says the V3 isn't just an update on V2, but a completely newly designed dropper post that has been over three years in development. It has the widest range of dropper choices, six in total, from 90-240mm, can be adjusted in either 10mm or 20mm increments, and it has a new and fully sealed cartridge, that never needs to be inflated. OneUp also adds that riders can get their bike saddles lower than ever thanks to the V3's shorter total length (10mm less than V2) and reduced stack height (3mm shorter than V2). The V3 is internally routed and, as you'd expect, works perfectly with the V3 Remote, however, you have to buy that separately – which is often the case these days.

Close up on the 180mm OneUp V3 dropper post

The OneUp V3 dropper post comes in six dropper size choices (Image credit: OneUp Components)

Smooth operator

One of the most requested improvements from V2 riders was for a smoother action, and OneUp says the V3 delivers performance improvements in a simple, reliable design that works together to deliver one of the smoothest feeling droppers on the market. The all-new cartridge reduces the amount of force required for a drop, which they say is up to 75 percent less than before. Elsewhere upgraded low-friction bushings have an increased overlap and use a self-lubricating IGUS material that adds to the smooth feel. Annoying rotational play has been reduced too, with anti-rotation pins doubled and two oversized polymer pins added.

As part of the three year design process, OneUp has developed a new, high-performance collar with a custom SKF wiper seal which has a dramatic improvement in the 'keep dirt out and grease in' performance. The new seal and bushings keep the V3 running smoother for longer, with less maintenance, and the suggested maintenance schedule reflects the improved performance with longer service intervals of 120 hours for a clean and grease, and 350 hours for a full rebuild. Maintenance can also be done simply and quickly with no custom tools required or the need to send your dropper post away for maintenance.

Close up on the OneUp V3 dropper post custom SKF wiper seal

A new custom SKF wiper seal is aimed to keep dirt out and deliver smooth dropper performance (Image credit: OneUp Components)

Lighter than ever

The newly designed V3 is claimed to be one of the lightest infinitely adjustable droppers on the market, OneUp has aimed to shed weight whenever possible and the OneUp V3 dropper is said to be 60 to 70 grams lighter than the V2. The biggest saving comes from its brand new hydraulic cartridge, which never needs to be inflated, and is fully designed and engineered in-house. The V3 150mm version weighs in at a claimed 415g and for comparison, makes it 230g lighter over the Reverb AXS, 150g lighter than a Fox Transfer and up to 60g lighter than the Fox Transfer SL. For weight saving junkies, you can also save an additional 10g with a Ti Bolt Upgrade Kit. 

OneUp V3 Dropper post on scales

The OneUp V3 Dropper is said to be 60 to 70 grams lighter than the V2 (Image credit: OneUp Components)

Pricing and availability

The OneUp V3 dropper post is available now with worldwide free shipping, in the usual 30.9, 31.6, and 34.9mm diameters, and comes in six drop length choices of 90mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 210mm and 240mm.

Pricing for the V3 Dropper Post is $269.99  / £289.99 / €299.99. The V3 Remote is priced at $44.99 / £44.99 / €49.99, and a package of dropper and remote costs $299.99 / £315.99 / €334.99. 

For those who already have a V2 dropper, OneUp has a new V2.1 collar with the SKF seal upgrade for V2 droppers and the weight-reducing Ti Bolt upgrade kit coming soon.

More information and ordering details can be found at oneupcomponents.com 

OneUp V3 dropper post in its dropped position

OneUp says riders can get their bike's saddle lower than any other dropper post when using the V3 (Image credit: OneUp Components)

Tech specs: OneUp V3 Dropper Post

Side on view of the OneUp V3 dropper post

OneUp Components offer free worldwide shipping across its products on orders over a certain value (Image credit: OneUp Components)
  • Travel: 90mm / 120mm / 150mm / 180mm / 210mm / 240mm 
  • Diameter: 30.9mm / 31.6mm / 34.9mm
  • Weight: 325g / 370g / 415g / 460g / 515g / 585g (for 30.9mm) 337g / 385g / 433g / 480g / 538g / 610g (for 31.6mm) 408g / 472g / 535g / 600g / 675g / 765g (for 34.9mm) 
  • Total Length: 295mm / 350mm / 415mm / 480mm / 545mm / 610mm 
  • Compressed Stack Height: 30mm (25mm for 34.9mm)
  • Routing: Internal 
  • Warranty: Two years
  • Price V3 Dropper Post: $269.99 / £289.99 / €299.99.
  • Price V3 Remote: $44.99 / £44.99 / €49.99
  • Price V3 Dropper Post and V3 Remote: $299.99 / £315.99 / €334.99
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